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My 4 month old refusing bottles

My 4 month old still drinks 3 oz every 3 hours. He recently started refusing to drink i can only get 1 oz only down him. Has anyone had this problem before? Im very worried for my son. I took him to his doctor and they said he's fine nothing wrong with him. If anyone can suggest anything that would be great.

Re: My 4 month old refusing bottles

  • Mine does the same thing. Our doctor is convinced she hates the formula but the only options we have are alimentum or nutramagen. She does love apples and bananas so the doctor said give her 3 meals a day and just get as much milk in as possible. She's gaining weight so they are not worried. I assume your doctor ruled out an ear infection?
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  • Is he content with eating only 3oz? Or does he get fussy?
    Maybe change the size of the nipple or try pushing his feedings to 4 hrs so he is more hungry.
  • Yes no ear infection they said its so frustrating.
  • This was a phase for us... it lasted a good 3 weeks. they are 5.5 mos now and back to eating like champs!

    I also suggest changing the nipple size.. that helped a little bit for us.. But mostly I just think it was a slow down in growth-temporary though.

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  • My LO did this too at 4 months.  Pedi suspected reflux so he's on meds now, but still not a great eater.  I'm going to bump him up to 2 meals a day soon because he doesn't eat as much as I would like to see.  That being said, DS would cry when he ate and arch his back.  Classic signs of reflux. 

  • Ive tried a faster flow nipple and he chokes. When i try to feed him he crys out and wiggles alot. And sometimes he closes his mouth and wont let me put the nipple in. I can hear his belly grumbling he's on gas drops not helping. I also asked my doctor if he could have acid reflux and he says no.this has been going on for 2 weeks its driving me crazy! Also he's not on soilds doctor said he's to young thats why im so worried he's not getting enough nutrition.
  • When K started refusing his bottle it was a temperature thing. He wanted it much much warmer.
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  • image benmichele:
    When K started refusing his bottle it was a temperature thing. He wanted it much much warmer.

    Same here. My kids are very picky. 

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