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Dairy allergy?


I know you can't tell me for sure, but I have a couple questions. I gave my son yogurt for the first time yesterday and today. He developed a rash around his mouth both times. He does have eczema, and it almost just looks like it flared up, but he didn't react anywhere else. It also doesn't seem to bother him.

My question is if this sounds like an allergy? He doesn't show any other signs or symptoms, and he is still breastfed and has never shown any symptoms from dairy in my diet. And I eat a lot of dairy!

I will be checking with his pedi, but I was just wondering if anyone is familiar with this and what it seems like.

Thank you for your time! 

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Re: Dairy allergy?

  • When my son developed his allergy, we realized it by the marks on his face, eczema, and acid reflux. I would get it checked just to be on the safe side. Plus, yes he gets dairy through your BM but, it's not as concentrated as directly getting it through yogurt.

     Connect with Kids with Food Allergies for great resources! Good luck!

  • I gave my 6 mo old DS yogurt for the first time 2 weeks ago and he developed a rash/hives around his mouth. Then an hour or so later he broke out in a rash head to toe. We went to the allergist and had skin testing. He tested positive for milk and soy allergies. I EBF and eat a lot of dairy too and he is not bothered by it at all...and the doc told me not to stop eating dairy or soy. 
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