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Still going...18 months and Bfing --others?

Checking in. We're down to 2-3 a day (am, nap, bed).  I was hoping N was starting to drop the am one since she sometimes wakes and asks for milk which is WCM.  But other days she climbs in the glider and says "eat" which is BF.  She also asks at nap and bed and I know much of that is habit since she eats like she has a hollow leg I don't think except for am that its hunger. 

I'm thinking we might get to 2.  I am going away for a weekend with some girlfriends in May so that may nudge things along. 

Re: Still going...18 months and Bfing --others?

  • Still here. Morning, nap, and bed, occasionally needs during the day and during the night... I'm ready. He's not.
    I haven't decided what to do, so u haven't done anything. I'd like to have him weaned by our vacation in Mid April, but he refuses WCM and hasn't grown since 9 months, so I'm reluctant.
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  • We still are, 1 to 2 times per day. Pretty much only nap time. We cut out the morning one on the 1st and I wanted to cut out the rest on the 12th, when he turns 18 months, not sure how its going to happen. I'm so ready.
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  • We are too.  Usually morning, nap and bed.  Maybe a random thrown in at another time a few days a week.  Catherine still seems disgusted by the vanilla soy milk, and won't drink more than a sip or two.  The last time we tried giving her dairy she still reacted so we can't try WCM.  I am *almost* ready to give her chocolate soy milk and see if she'll drink that and be done with nursing.  


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  • Here! I wish it were a lot less, but I'm not pushing it yet. She still nurses morning, nap, and bedtime. Plus a few times during the day and 1-2 times at night. 

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  • R usually still nurses 3 times a day - morning, afternoon, and bedtime, and sometimes other random times when he requests it. I'm trying to let him wean at his own pace, but at this rate, he'll still be nursing at 2 years old!
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  • We're still going strong over here! It's a little inconsistent, but most days it's morning, nap, and bedtime. And if we're home all day there is usually a couple of daytime feeds thrown in the mix. No plans on changing right now. But I have realized that a lot of times, I do it out of routine. So, we may implement the don't offer, don't refuse soon.

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  • I should also add I do refuse if he asks any other time but nap time. Sometimes just distracting him and asking where his water is is enough.

    This morning when he woke and I brought him in our bed it was the first morning in at least a week he didn't even try and he fell back asleep
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  • Still going here, too. At least four times a day (morning, nap, afternoon, bedtime)  most of the time there's at least one more session in there. I said that I'd give her until 18 months to drop feedings on her own, but I really assumed she would. she's not but I'm not sure if I'm going to follow through on forcing the issue. 

    It's not a big deal to me to continue and she's getting more nutrition from breast milk than she would from wcm. Confession: She seems to think food is optional and doesn't eat a lot. Since we're still nursing I don't really worry about it that much.


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  • We're down to am and pm with the occasional random session thrown in and sometimes at night.  Even with him staying with his dad every other weekend, we're still going pretty strong.  I don't really have any plans to stop anytime soon unless he wants to.  

    I have been getting a little negative feedback about still nursing.  My mom has mentioned a few times that she thinks it's time to quit.  Of course, I know she doesn't like that I gets plugged ducts every time he goes to his dad's, but I deal with it.  And a girl at work today seemed pretty disgusted that her MIL BF her H till he was 18mo.  I didn't say anything about still BF, though.

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  • We recently lost the PM one, so now we are down to just the AM.

    It works for us so far, but I don't think I want to tandem nurse. I'm kind of hoping she'll just wean herself, like she did for the night session. If not, I guess I'll see how I feel.

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  • We are still nursing approx 2x a day. I was just about ready to stop, and then he started getting his molars. It makes him so cranky/sad in the evenings, so I give in for that. I know that weaning will be in the next couple of weeks, and I hate the thought of our last very last time, but it has to happen. I'm so glad he's a good little snuggler still, or I would be so sad!

    I loved this post about it:


  • Me too. Pretty much evening, but sometimes morning too.
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