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Clogged tear duct

My daughter is 19 months and has a clogged tear duct that makes her eye water alot and prone to infection.  Is having a surgical procedure the only way to get rid of this?  Any home remedies?


Re: Clogged tear duct

  • They usually tell you to massage it- you can google how to do it.Also you can try warm compress.Good luck. 

    My LO had it from birth.It was progressively getting worse by 7-8 months.She had goop and tears in her eye all the time.I massaged, I put antibiotic drops to no avail.I was told, that it should go away by age 1. But it only got we opted for the surgery. They found a small cyst in there so it'd never have gone away without intervention. Her eye is fine now, knock on wood.

  • My son is older - almost 3 - and we're still dealing with the duct issue.  The doctor said they don't like to deal with it until after 2 to see if it resolves on its own but it's not and I'd bet your daughter's doesn't either.  We took him to a peds opthamologist who said he doesn't even feel massaging ever works because we can't exert enough pressure to break through the blockage.  He also told me that if we're going to do the surgery, the sooner the better because the older they get, the more likely it is that they'll have to have a tiny tube put in the duct vs plain old clearing it because the clearing doesn't work.  GL!
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  • LO had the surgery recently. The pediatric said there are two types, one is a partial opening that the children can grow out of since as they grow their plumbing grows with them and then the blockage % will shrink. The other is an unopened duct and it is something they cannot out grow. You can't know what you are dealing with unless you child is evaluated. The pedi said LO can outgrow it until around a year's age but at our 15 month appt we were referred to the eye doc for an evaluation. The procedure itself wasn't too big of an issue minus needing the anesthesia, it was only scheduled for 30 minutes total- 5 to poke the duct open and the other 25 for the drugs. 
  • At 11 months DS's hadn't opened and he was getting an eye infection like every month- we had a consult with an eye doctor and opted for the surgery. He had the surgery shortly before Halloween and hasn't had any issues since. Massaging and warm compresses really didn't do anything for us, other than upset DS.
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  • My DD had one when she was about 2 months old. All they had me do was massage it.
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