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Newbie searching for her mommy super powers

I've waited and planned for the day when I would pee on that little stick and it would show a plus sign instead of the dreaded minus sign.

Now i'm finally there...15 weeks into it and Nothing! No morning sickness, no gross cravings, no super sense of smell or unwanted weight gain. On the contrary, i've lost 15lbs in 4.5 months. Apparently getting pregnant is the new diet.

Where is all of this exciting stuff that i'm supposed to be experiencing? wheres the annoying moodiness and pregnancy brain? I want to feel "butterflies" in my tummy! Have i just been lied to this whole time?

Someone please help me understand if this is normal and when in the world i'll start feeling like a mommy and not like a girl with a pudge!

Re: Newbie searching for her mommy super powers

  • Awww. Consider yourself very lucky. I can't relate to your experience but that's what's so exciting about the experience of pregnancy, it's a unique journey for us all. I do remember getting morning sickness the 15th week and hoping it would stop. I lived in NYC most of my life so. .try being on the MTA train for work and knowing you have to vomit and you are between stops and no one seems to care. Not too pleasant. IT may not ever happen for you but that might be a good thing. As far as the butterflies. You will feel it. It happens so quick at times that you might even missed it. Just try relaxing, play some soft music or sing to your baby. He will give you that poke to let you know he or she is there. It may be that your baby is too small for you to feel his or her movements. But hang in there its coming and when it does you might just shed a tear like I did.
  • Congratulations!  All to often, pregnancy is looked at as a list of unpleasant symptoms.  Looks like you are rocking this pregnancy!
  • wow --- lucky girl. Not everyone feels sick.. and you are likely feeling flutters by now or soon...i sailed through two pregnancies without a hiccip. Your body is just good at doing what it's designed for. 


    thought you might be interested in this one time class for new moms coming up end of this month... though it is held once per month. ;

  • First off Congratulations!!!  I know how you are feeling, I too haven't had any morning sickness or cravings or anything. Most days I try to consider myself lucky but sometimes you cant help feeling like your missing out on some rite of passage or something. Hope you continue to feel well, I think it takes a different time for all of us to start feeling like super mom. You'll get there 
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