LO having trouble with bottles

My 4 week old is all of the sudden struggling with bottles. He seems to be getting the milk too fast but we have tried what seems like every bottle under the sun with slow flow nipples. He flails his arms, coughs, screams, etc.

My husband tries to feed him once a day with a bottle with me no where in sight and he still struggles. I first introduced a bottle at around 2.5-3 weeks per my lactation consultant and he did fine then. 

Any suggestions on how to help him? He needs to be able to take a bottle when I can't nurse him and it is so sad to watch him struggle :( TIA!

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Re: LO having trouble with bottles

  • Switching bottles could be stressing him out. Our LO wouldn't take bottles or breast without a fight for a while when we were trying to find the "right" bottle. He just wanted consistency.

    Also, suggest that your DH try holding the bottle parallel to the floor, so the nip only has a little milk in it. That slows the flow and lets baby have more control over how much milk he pulls.
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  • When K started refusing bottles out of the blue it was a temperature thing. He wanted it much warmer.
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