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FTM Due April 3rd With Q for Those Who Have Had a LO!

Hi March Board! 

I'm due April 3rd with my lil boy, so I sometimes pop onto this board to see what's happening since my LO could decide to become a March baby. At my 36 week appointment, I wasn't dilated at all, and baby, though head down, is still high. I was just curious from those who have had their little one, or BTDT moms what their experiences were with like when dilated/when lost mucus plug/when dropped to actually going into labor. I know things can change in a heartbeat, and that dilation doesn't really mean anything, but I'm just curious about previous experiences with when those milestones happened and when your LO came! Thanks! :)


Re: FTM Due April 3rd With Q for Those Who Have Had a LO!

  • With DS I was not dilated at all at my 39.5 week appointment.  They said he was on the low side, so I wasn't carrying him high still, but there was no sign of labor.  I went into labor about 2 days later on my own.  It was a long labor because I didn't start dilating at all until contractions got stronger but I never needed pitocin or anything and (possibly as a result of everything moving so slowly) I only needed 1 little stitch and had a VERY easy recovery. 

    Oh, and the day before I went into labor, I took my niece to this animal farm and we did a ton of walking up and down hills.  That night I saw what looked to be a tiny piece of my m/p, but I never saw any more than that.

    ETA:  I'm also not dilated at all with this one but they said she's "right there" and that things should move quicker once I dilate- I'll believe it when I see it :) 

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  • Not really helpful but gives you an idea about how things just take their time. I'm a FTM and due in 3 days. I am only 1cm dilated, I have not lost my mucus plug and baby has not dropped! I started having contractions 3 days ago and while painful and intense they haven't been enough to progress things further! You have plenty of time so try not stress or worry about when and what ifs because LOs definitely come when they're ready and not a second before! Good luck!
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  • I was dilated at 1 from 36-39w. At 40w, I was 1.5.

    I delivered at 40w3d (at a 40w2d appointment, I was still at 1.5). Baby was up high until I was well, well into labor. He wasn't even at the right station when I started pushing.

    So, basically I was almost in the same place at 40w2d as I was at 36w, which is a huge reason I am not bothering with internals this time around,. 

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  • With my first I was dilated barely a centimeter at 38 weeks and my water broke at 38 weeks 5 days. I was then induced because I was not contracting and had a vaginal delivery.

    With this one, I was barely a fingertip dilated this past Monday. I lost my plug all day Monday and Tuesday and went into labor very early Wednesday morning. I gave birth before 8 PM that evening.

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  • I'm a FTM that delivered my DD on 3/4.  My water broke Sunday and my doctor said to go to the hospital Monday at 11 if I didn't hit 5-1-1 by that time.  I experienced mild contractions the entire time but I did not notice losing my mucus plug or the baby dropping.  HIt 5-1-1 at 10 on Monday but walked over to the hospital at 11.  After getting my room the doctor checked me and it turns out I was not dilated at all.  Not one little bit!  Ultimately I was given pitocin around 2 pm. Despite all of the bad things I'd heard about pitocin, I delivered vaginally with no tearing or cutting at 11:10 that evening.  Good luck!
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