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Almost 25 weeks! Hip-joint pain :(

So my 1st goal was to get past 6 weeks (since I've had 3 miscarriages that didn't make it past 6 weeks).  My 2nd goal was to get past 12 weeks (to be in the "safe zone" and to get past the awful morning sickness).  My 3rd goal was to get to 25 weeks (which I will be on Monday) since that's when (God forbid) if the baby had to be delivered for some reason that he would have a chance to live.  My next goal is to get past 28 weeks (since that's the week that I delivered my 2nd son) and my final goal is to get past 36 weeks (since that's what week I delivered my 1st son).  Anything between 36-39 weeks is fine with me :)  My older son that was born at 36 weeks was 7 lbs. 1 oz. so I was ok with that.  I'm finally starting to nest and prepare for the baby.  I'm excited to have a shower... the whole bit.  I may have waited too long to do the nesting because now I have the horrible hip-joint pain that I have with every pregnancy.  I am doing prenatal yoga and physical therapy and I see a chiropractor but it's still bad.  I even have a wheelchair (rental) and a handicapped plaquard (temporary).  Any suggestions about the hip-joint pain are welcome :)

Re: Almost 25 weeks! Hip-joint pain :(

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