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Speaking of baptism gifts...

Let me ask your opinion on this...

My husband's family is Greek Orthodox...kind of nominally so.  (We are not, nor is his mom)  His brother and sister in law have two children, both baptized in the Greek Orthodox church.  When the first child was baptized, they asked my mother in law not to get her anything with religious undertones.  Long story short - my mother in law has a very strong faith and can come off a bit pushy, my sister in law pretty much converted just so she could marry my brother in law.  

Anyway, I feel like no matter the situation, it's a complete double standard to have your child baptized in any church and be offended when you get religious gifts...we are talking about a child's Bible here, not something crazy!

What do you think about this?  Sorry if the details are confusing, it's 2:30 am and I can't sleep :) 

Re: Speaking of baptism gifts...

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    It's weird. But it sounds like the mom isn't religious and is only doing this for the husband's family. I think that kind of thing happens a lot. I mean, if you don't believe in the religion, it's not like it hurts you to let them put water on your kid's head if it means something deep the rest of the family. Half my family is Greek Orthodox, half is generic Christian and I'm agnostic. I decline to participate in any religious ceremonies. But if it was important to my husband, I'd probably have gone along with it. And I'd expect religious gifts. I'd say thank you and probably just pack them away. I think this woman is more of a hypocrite for 'converting' herself if she doesn't actually believe in the religion than for letting her kid get baptized personally.

    yeah, I think what you said is accurate.  I think the issue is, my sister in law claims that she is a Christian but then gets upset with my mother in law if she gets any type of Bible, bible story, etc.  She cross stitches people's names with their "name verse" next to it for everyone in the family, but she can do it for her grand kids!  To give them on their baptism no less!  Sorry for the rant, I just think it's awful.  Like you said, accept it politely and then never get it out again, but don't tell my mother in law not to get you anything like that! 

  • I think it's strange. I mean, what harm can it do to just accept the gift graciously and move on with your life? To me, the drama created by not accepting the gift is not worth it.

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  • If your MIL is not greek orthodox, what is she? I do think it's odd that they don't want religious gifts for a religious ceremony. I mean, I wasn't exactly opening for all the tiny bibles we got, but it kinda goes with the territory. :)
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    There is another kid, she's 10... 
  • People are funny about religion.

    Both DH and I are Greek Orthodox, so I get your MIL's stance, and your SIL's as well.

    Not all Children's Bibles are the same and there are big differences between faiths.

    I don't like receiving religious gifts in general. So I would have an issue with it too..... 

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