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Hi everyone, 

I'll get us started tonight....we just arrived at Stratton. Four hours in the car, three hours uninterrupted sleep....blissful! LOL! V did great in the car, slept the entire time. Of course started to fuss when we pulled in. But I snapped car seat into stroller and walked him a bit around condo and he is back out. I think I'm going to leave him in car seat overnight? I'm sure that probably breaks 100 different rules, but he is sleeping and quiet.  I have RnP ready to go if he wakes....although I'm hoping he doesn't! 

After the week of stress at school, I'm really looking forward to kicking back this weekend and enjoying some laughs with my family!

Hope all get good night of sleep! 

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  • Looks like we posted at the same time..
    I'll just paste what I had here..

    Goodnight TB.
    I know it's weekend time.. But figured I'd see who is up... 10:50 here
    B is sleeping after a long, happy smiling day for her out and about with momma... She didn't get too many naps today, so well see how that effects her sleeping.
    My little brother, 10 yrs old, came out to spend the night tonight and B has been so interested in him. It's so darn cute!!
    I have had one heck of a happy baby the last couple days.. LOVE IT!

    Hope you ladies have a restful night and a wonderful weekend!

    DD- 11/25/12

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  • 2:50 here. Baby H and I are visiting my family This weekend since DH has weekend classes. They're 3 1/2 hours away, so he also was traveling today and was a champ.
    He slept some in the pnp but then I let him sleep with me for the past few hours. Im feeding him now and hoping he well go back down in pnp so I don't sleep as lightly.
  • H says: have a great weekend! Now he's disappointed that we're not doing anything exciting.

    I hope everyone enjoys their time with family!

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  • I don't think having him sleep in his carseat breaks any rules so long as he stays buckled in. Just make sure he's not too warm in there. Cu starts to "burn up" in those.

    Have an awesome vacation!!
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  • It's 5 here we had a pretty good night! I worked today and when I got home at 8:15 DH had both kids in bed! It was the first time he has ever got Cole to go down! He went down at 7:30 which is really early for him. I was worried he would have a weird night because of it but he slept til 12, ate, then slept til 5. Second night in a row of good sleep, I hope it's the new schedule!

    We are going to look at some houses to rent while ours is being built today. Then DH leaves for a boys casino night. I think I'm going to go to bed with the kids to get some extra rest!

    Have a great weekend everyone!
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  • It's 230 here. Benjamin is in his crib and own room for the first time tonight. Doing good! 9 until 215. Feeding him now. Hoping he will be good until 6 like last night. It stays WAY darker in his room though so he may sleep later than usual. Hope everyone has a restful start to their weekend.



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  • Hello! B woke up at 2 and then 5 last night. He keeps throwing us for a loop because he always goes down around 8:30 and eats a ton. But then some nights he won't wake up till 6 while other nights its two times. I can't complain, but we find it interesting that one night can be so different from the rest. Hope you all are having a good night of sleep.
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