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incompetance @ a sperm bank?!

So I've been ttc#2 since my mmc last august. I still had donor sperm left over from when I was ttc my daughter, which I used up just before Christmas. (failed IUI's). During the last cycle I did, I contacted the facility in Canada that imports from the bank in the USA. At that time, the woman told me that she had 5 vials in stock. When that cycle failed I emailed her and asked to purchase 2 more. She told me all 5 had been sold and that she'd have to check with the facility in the USA to find out when more would be released (this donor has been 'retired' due to the number of births). She responded back a few days later by email to tell me that he would not be available again until May 2013, but I would be 'first on the waiting list' for him. Bummer, but there it is right? fast forward to yesterday. I'm killing some time surfing around the internet & went to the Canadian site only to discover that the donor is still up and listed. Surprised to see this, I 'replied' to her email and asked if he was available again. She said that he is only available for sibling births. My your own email lady...this would be a sibling birth! Frustrated, I call her directly and ask wtf is going on?! She said I was first on the waiting list and I haven't been contacted? First she said that they had vials in stock that had been 'returned'. But they have a 'no return' policy (which I then question her about). She says, 'oh ya they haven't been returned, THEY'VE BEEN HERE THE WHOLE TIME!'. WHAT? So I've been sitting around waiting for May when I could've been still ttc?

All she says is, "gee, I don't know what I wrote that....sorry". Holy incompetance! I'm quite angry about it of course and SORRY doesn't seem to cut it for me. I haven't gotten any younger these last few months! Of course I've had 2 shipped to me now...but still. I'm choked!

Thanks for listening...just had to vent it out!

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Re: incompetance @ a sperm bank?!

  • WOW.  That is just crazy.  I would be really upset as well.  I'm glad you got it sorted out!  Something like that would make me really leery about using them.  If it were me I think I would make a formal complaint.  But I'm sure you already have enough on your mind.  Good luck with your next round!
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  • what Guennie said!

    Glad at least that you will get more of the donor sperm, but that ABSOLUTELY sucks that you have had to wait needlessly!!!

    I hope this next round is the one for you good luck to you!!

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