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My 22 month old has almost gotten his 1 year old molars. He still doesn't have his top one yet. No canines. He's the slowest teether!!!! But anyway I'm very nervous about choking so I tend to not give a lot if variety of food. An I able to give raisins? Weren't they on the choking list ? Maybe now they're not though. People say they give their toddlers Raw carrots. How? Maybe I'm underestimating what he can eat. I'm on the cautious side: thanks!

Re: Raisins?

  • DD is 1 1/2 and she eats raisins and craisins and dried blueberries and all of that stuff.  It never occurred to me that they might be bad.  I think whole blueberries or grapes and maybe still choking hazards, but not dried.

    She has at least 4 back teeth (2 on top and 2 on bottom), maybe more, but also no canines.

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  • We've been giving our 14 month old raisins since he was about 10 months old.  He handles them just fine.  The only thing I still worry about is grapes (I quarter them) but even blueberries he eats whole fine.  I do cut things up for digestion since I notice that certain fruits, like blueberries and raisins, will pass through him whole.

     I'm not sure about raw carrots since DS only has two top and two bottom front teeth.  Makes it hard to take bites of carrot so we avoid it unless steamed. 

  • My DS loves raisins.  I like that its a pretty healthy snack for him.  He has 4 molars, 4 top front, and 4 bottom front teeth though, so he can handle a lot.

    I can't picture him eating raw carrots though.


  • We give DD raisins and have for a while. But I try to break them up - sometimes they can get really sticky and you can get a big glob of them, so I try to separate them out, if that makes sense.

    But I don't give her raw carrots. I haven't tried but it just seems too hard/crunchy. I do cook baby carrots in the microwave with some water for a few minutes to soften and then give them to her.

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  • You are underestimating what he can eat.  Those baby gums are hard, and they don't need a lot of teeth either.

    DD was eating raw carrots WELL before she had all her teeth.

    Personally, I think that, by this age, what should and should not be on the choking hazard list is far more about individual kid than food.  I know a two year old who is not safe with grapes, but my daughter was around that age.  I know a two year old who is not safe with nuts, by my daughter was not long after that age.  (This is one thing she's been good at.)

    How does your LO do when you try out similar foods?  And you can always try them, keeping a close eye for the first many times.  That is what I did with new types of food/size/hardness - be right there as she ate for a while until I saw how she worked with her food.

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  • I think you're underestimating what he can eat.  My son got his first tooth at 10 months, he still has no canines.   Prior to that he was eating steak, chicken, apple slices, raisins, etc.  Teeth are great for tearing, but people/animals can eat without teeth - gums are very very strong (think about how lizards eat!)

    I think raisins are definitely a choking hazard, but so are the small dices of food a lot of people give toddlers.  And so are peas and corn kernels.  But my thoughts on "choking hazards" is that our little ones at this age shouldn't really be eating unsupervised anyway.  We should be keeping a good eye on them during meal and snack times (not necessarily sitting and watching them, but they should be within arm's reach).  If you're watching your child while they're eating, you don't need to worry as much about choking, because you'll be on top of it if something were to happen.  (That being said, we introduced table foods as is - no purees, at 6 months and almost a year later my son has never choked on anything)

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  • I havent given raisins because I worry about their size...they seem perfect for choking, but thats just me.

    Raw carrots however, he will eat like they are going out of style!!  I get the baby carrots and then cut them in half or quarters depending on how big they are...he chews away, no problems at all!

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  • I agree that you are probably underestimating you child.  How many/which teeth they have has little bearing on what they can and cannot eat.  We have been doing raisins/craisins for awhile now.  She gets grapes, hotdogs, and that sort of thing normal now, I no longer cut them (haven't in a while).  Raw carrots she loves and does good with but they still make me nervous if they are too round, so I either give her the thinner baby carrots or I cut them.

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  • I am not a worrier so my kids get raisins and other dried fruits by 7-8 months or so.  We also do table foods at 6 months instead of doing spoon feeding.  DS eats most everything we eat and still only has 4 teeth. 
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  • You're underestimating what he can eat but I also don't think raisins are a good snack.  They're a dentist's nightmare because they are SO sticky and don't even dissolve like sugar from candy would (not that I'm advocating giving sugar).  If you do start them, make sure to brush his teeth well afterwards.
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  • I'm going to reply because I think we are in the same boat : DS 18 months has all teeth except for back molars but I am a totally worry wart about choking so I cut anything that could be a choking hazard into very tiny pieces. He's a great eater and eats everything very fast and sometime forgets to chew. I just feel better if I cut everything but I try not to let it limit what textures and foods I give him. I'm not usually so much of a helicopter parent but choking scares me. I joke with friends and family about teaching his future wife how to cut his grapes in to 16ths!
  • I think DS started eating raisins around the one year mark, give or take a month. He did fine even without the molars.
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  • DS loves raisins. I'm always right by him when he's eating so we don't consider it a choking hazard.
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