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Swimming lessons?

What age do you think it's really beneficial to get kids into swimming lessons?  I know people start with babies, but I'm wondering if it really does anything.  I'm a strong swimmer (took lessons as a kid starting around age 5 and went through high school) and I want LO to be as well.  We have a community pool that I plan to take her to during the summer.  Do you think that will be enough?  Or I should look into swim classes?  I think it would be kind of fun to take a class, but I'm just not sure that it's worth the money!

 What do you think? 

Re: Swimming lessons?

  •  Check out this link and watch the videos. IT is amazing what young babies and children can do in terms of swimming and learning how to save themselves.

    We have an in-ground pool and spend a lot of time around lakes and on boats. I am a very strong swimmer, DH is not at all, we both want DD to be a strong a swimmer and learn to always be safe and respect ebing around water.

    I just emailed an instructor in our area about starting lessons with DD who is 9months.

  • I taught group swim lessons at the Y when I was in college.  I taught preschool, ages 3-5, and parent-child, for babies 6-36 months.  The parent-child class I taught was purely play and comfort in the water.  We sang songs, did little dances, splashed, etc.  If yours is anything like my class, it's just for fun.  

    In my preschool classes, the kids who learned quickest were usually the ones who were comfortable in the water, but who also understood what cautions to take in the water.  Those are definitely benefits you'd gain from a parent-child class. You could accomplish the same on your own, but it might not be quite as fun.

    If you can afford it, look into one-on-one lessons, or small group lessons, if you decide to do formal preschool age lessons.  As a teacher, I struggled with classes of 6 preschoolers and only 30 minutes once or twice a week.  It was tough to give the kids enough individualized instruction without leaving the others unengaged.  Look for 1:3 ratio if possible.  If I got lucky enough to have a low enrollment class, the kids always learned quicker, and parents were much more satisfied with the attention their kids received.  Hope this helps!

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  • I'm doing it more for the fun factor with LO. However I agree weigh in cost. Ours is only $40 for 8 lessons I don't mind $5 at all. Totally worth it!

    I say lessons are beneficial early on (probably more like 2 than 6 months but again its fun for us). They teach safety like sitting on the edge of a pool. And teach kids not to be afraid of the water.

    I want to take LO to lessons for one session a year probably to keep it up.  

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  • I can only speak from personal experience. I have been taking dd to weekly swim lessons since she was 10 weeks old, she is now 8 months. I love it and she seems to enjoy it too. We learn important safety skills, safe water enter/exit, how to get our face and eyes wet, and do various exercises to get used to the feel of the water. We sing lots of songs, splash and play a lot.

    Classes were free up to six months of age. Now I pay $70/mo.  The nice thing is that the school encourages infant swim by allowing them too swim as often as they want, on top of the one class per week you pay for.  So if we can make it through a week of daycare without OK be of us being sick I'm going to try to bring her to two lessons per week. It is great quality time for us - I really love this time we spend focused on one another.

    Honestly I want dd to enjoy being in the water. We have a pool at our home and though we'll put hip a pool fence I still want her to know pool safety a and to do whatever I can to prevent drowning.  I don't know how to teach her these things in the fun and effective way that these instructors do. So I absolutely think it is worth it

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