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What's your favorite baby item/gear?

So I thought it would be fun to list the baby item/gear that you and lo loved.

0 - 6 months - swing, zipper pajamas, kimono style onesies, bundle me  and waterproof changing pad liners

6 - 12 months - bouncy, walker, any kind of toy that lite up and played music

12 - present -  baby gates and play yard 


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Re: What's your favorite baby item/gear?

  • 0-6 months--Moby Wrap (loved it so much bought an extra to keep in the other car), co-sleeper, rock 'n play, and sleep sacks.

    6-12 months--Ergo, activity table, FP laugh and learn farm, and stroller.

    12 months-present--books, baby gates, baby dolls, Land of Nod Chair, high chair (don't know how I would keep her sitting to eat otherwise!), and sippy cups.


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  • Oh this is fun! :)

    0-6 months - swing (the only way she'd sleep at least a little) and kimono style onesies for sure! (when DD was brand new I was afraid I'd break her arms trying to put on a regular onesie on hahahaha)

    6-12 months - jumparoo and anything that plays music

    12-present - yes baby gates everywhere and toothbrush. This girl loves brushing her teeth

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  • 0-6 months - kick and play piano activity mat, Sophie the giraffe, swing, swaddle blankets, soft rattles

    6-12 months - bouncer, white noise machine, bouncy balls, books

    12-present - blocks, stacking rings and cups, really anything that's not a toy (cereal boxes, socks, remote control)

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  • 0-6 months - swing, bouncer, sleep gowns, play gym/mat, bumbo, exersaucer

    6-12 months - music/activity table, pack n play

    12-present - books, blocks, balls, anything that lights up or plays music

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  • 0-6: gym/activity mat, boppy, jumperoo

    6-12: sophie, jumperoo, kick n play piano, baby einstein take-along tunes, beco carrier

    12-present: blocks, FP little zoomers speedway, Playskool Elefun Busy Ball Popper, books, take-along tunes

  • 0-6-Swing, sleep sheep, swaddle me blankets, rock n' play, jumperoo and play mat

    6-12-nuk orthostar pacis, little people, FP xylophone/piano,Leap frog drum,B. blocks, B.odd balls

    12-present-stand up activity table, bath toys, books, small umbrella stroller(so convenient if you go places the big stroller won't fit)

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  • 0-6- swaddle blankets, sling, swing, activity mat

    6-12- "blankie," still sling, turtle teether, baby gate, FP insulated straw sippies, blow up Duck bathtub, foam floor mats (for crawling practice)

    12- present - baby gate continued, Beco carrier, Mega blocks, IKEA push walker, board books

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  • Cute idea!

    0-6 - aden and anais swaddle blankets, arm's reach cosleeper, peanut shell sling, mamaroo (oh how i miss those long naps he would take in there!), boppy

    6-12-  nesting/stacking cups, sleep sacks, ergo, jumperoo, boppy

    12-present - toy cars and trucks, books, still boppy & ergo


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