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Now that your back

For everyone just coming back, tell us about how being a momma is going for you? What's your favorite thing, what's your least favorite thing??

For me my favorite thing about having three is the way my two who are 18 months apart play now! Least favorite is being out numbered dh and I can't just each take one for one on one time someone's always left out!
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Re: Now that your back

  • DrRxDrRx
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    My favorite thing is seeing her learn a new skill or doing something new.  My least favorite is teething.
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  • Favorite thing is watching his personality develop.. and like DrRX said, watching him learn and figure new things out.. least favorite thing is pumping at work

    Wesley Warner - 5/27/12
  • Favorite thing is feeling her. She is an amazing little eater and we did BLW from the getgo, so it has been such an adventure. The other day she ate blue cheese and sardines!

    least fave: wonder weeks. Those a-holes can suck it. 

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  • I love watching Adriana interact with her sisters. The way they make her laugh melts me every time.

    I'm not digging her horrible sleeping (or lack thereof) habits. Please let her STTN when we move into a 3BR house next month!!!



  • My favorite thing is knowing that she knows me and loves me as much as I love her.  Seeing her smile when she sees me in the morning or when I pick her p from daycare is the best.

     Least favorite is the constant sickness.  I'm over the snot and coughing. 

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  • My favorite part of motherhood is seeing both my boys interact and watching them learn new things.  

    My least favorite are the tantrums my oldest throws, they are epic.  DS#2 thinks that 5:30-6am is a great time to wake up, ugh.  And I hate when they are sick!! 

  • Every day she is discovering something new. It is so so much fun! Today she played "drums" on the wipe container, her high chair, me, etc. It is adorable. 

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