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A name for baby #7

We are ten weeks from the birth of our seventh child. We don't know the gender. We like surprises. But we're really struggling with a name for a boy.

Our other kids' names are:

William Royal

Sybil Adrienne

Duncan Stewart

Charles Shumway

James Zebulon

McGregor Fitzgerald

If this baby is a girl, we like Matilda Jane or Hazel Jane. If it's a boy, we are completely stuck. We like Helaman Hollands for the middle names. Yes, we're going to use them both because this is our last hoorah. So we need a good first name that fits with H.H. and with our other kids' names somewhat.

I'm thinking of Stratford, Slade, Quinn, Sumner, Ezekiel or Archer.

Any feedback would be most appreciated! 

Soon to be a mom of 7! Guess who's in the market for a 12-passenger van!

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