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rib/back pain

I am just over 30 weeks pregnant and the last month or so I have been getting very sharp pain in my ribs both in front and back on the right just below my bra line. It is getting much worse and seems to be the most severe when I am driving in my car after work (especially after my 13 hour shifts). Some days I just want to cry, I think more from frustration than pain because it is so persistent and sharp. Has anyone else experienced this and found a way to relieve the pain?

Re: rib/back pain

  • I am sorry you are going through this! I can relate-my LO is head down posterior so instead of kicking outward he kicks inward. He absolutely loves to wedge his foot between my back ribs. It is right about my bra line and gets so intense I can't breathe sometimes. I have to do stretches through the pain, it usually gets him to move. Walking has helped, so has sitting on a pillow instead of the hard chairs in my house. Good luck, I hope something works for you!

  • Yes. I had this with my son and got it this time as well I've been going to Physio and getting regular massages and it seems to help. I also use a heating pad when the pain is bad and I do lots of stretches and strengthening exercises. If you can, try to get a Physio assessment. It seems to have really helped me. 
  • I've had this issue since like 20 weeks on my left side. At first going to the chiropractor helped but at 26 weeks finally I felt a pop and had to go to ER... I had sprained ribs. There's nothing that can be done about it but tylenol and ice and not sitting for long periods of time. I hope it doesn't become as severe as mine did!
  • I swear he had popped a rib out on my right side in the back. I stretched and had H rub it and it felt better, after struggling with it for a day or two.

    Every time since that i do a reach for the sky kind of stretch and lean to one side and then the other. It usually helps.
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