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Need help staying asleep!

Any advice would be GREAT:

At about 4 mos my DS slept through the night (8pm-5:30am) for nearly a week. Normally, and since then he wakes up at 3am (like clockwork) and then again at 5am. Last night at the 3am wakeup I tried the pacifier before bottle, and he went right back down. The 5am wakeup however he cries like a banshee until fed (this is new, used to be he would wake up gradually and generally happy).

He goes to sleep very easy, sometimes too easy as he doesnt nap alot during the day (working on this with daycare).

How (if at all) can I work on him 1) Staying asleep and 2) Not waking up screaming?

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Re: Need help staying asleep!

  • Just because a baby STTN at one point, doesn't mean that these wake up's mean that something is wrong. Sleep patterns change all the time. Your LO is still young and probably legitimately needs to eat when he is screaming. My LO stopped waking up to eat on his own at 6 months old. This can vary and some babies still need to eat up until 1 year old.

    Maybe it's teething, 4 month wakeful, growth spurt, developmental milestone or 1,000 other things but if your baby is hungry in the night, I'd keep feeding. My 1 year keeps changing his behavior and I just have to read his cries and figure out what he needs but nothing stays the same for long :)

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  • At 4 months old, there is not much you can do to make them sleep longer. Just keep working on a good routine during the day and it should all work itself out. I noticed that my LO needs 5 bottles before she will sleep good at night. So if one day she is off and only eats 4 bottles than I would expect her to wake up that night. Just a thought.
    As for your LO screaming. My dd sleeps in my room so I hear her start to move around then I hear her start to making sucking sounds and if she has the paci in then she starts sucking fast so these are all signs that she will be waking up really soon. Once she wakes up she only has a minute or so before the crying begins. So maybe your not hearing your LO until they are fully awake or your LO might just being going through something that is making them feel very hungry at that time.
  • This was exactly happening with our son. At that time we were feeding him thru the day about every 1 1/2- 2 hours. When we spoke to our pediatrician he recommended feeding him more but about every 3 hours. It litterally worked that next night after changing his feeding schedule. He then started to sleep about 830 pm to at least 6am. He now sleeps 8-7 (or longer on the weekends) Maybe check with the doc and see if that helps. good luck!
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