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I am FREEZING all the time.  This week the temperature in our office is at 72 and I'm still sitting at my desk in my winter jacket and still cold.  I didn't experience this with my first pregnancy.  Anyone else have this?


  • Yes!  Last night, I had to get under my down comforter because I was freezing.  I am always hot, so this is really not like me. 

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  • I'm always cold so this is normal for me. Once I get into months 5 and 6 I'm ALWAYS hot. It's weird. So I'm with you, still wearing my north face in the office lol.
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  • Granted FL weather has dropped a bit but I am forever cold right now. 
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  • Yes I've been sleeping with an extra thick fleece blanket at night as well as hugging a heater at work, I can't seem to stay warm!
  • I had that when I was pregnant with DS2! It was horrible! I was literally shivering all the time even though I'd wear big sweatshirts, sweatpants, warms socks AND cover up with a blanket (or 2).
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  • My DH actually turned the heat up last night because I was so cold!!
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  • Me too!!

    I'm sitting at work with an area heater under my desk!
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  • I find myself to be cold a lot more than usual. 
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  • I'm glad I'm not the only one. I've been freezing all week.

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  • I've been having both hot and cold spots. Cold throughout the day then really warm at night! I'm in MA so it isn't like it's a beautiful spring day trust me!

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  • I find myself being a lot colder than I usually am. Weird, I thought I'd be hot. 

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  • MrsWPMrsWP
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    yep I'm always like this.. But i think mine is due to anemia


  • Yes! Just noticed this today. Earlier this week, I felt feverish, and now I'm shivering. Crazy!
  • I'm always cold regardless. However I realized I was especially cold yesterday at work and it turns out my BIL (who I work with) decided to turn the air on-for his allergies. It was only in the 30's/40's yesterday and I thought his rationale was a little ridiculous. Regardless as soon as everyone else found out the heat went back on.
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  • Me too!! I just cannot get warm, but during the nights I'm sweating to death. Ef hormones!
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  • I was freezing all day at work and also when I got home! I had to put my thick robe on and get under my down comforter! I was curious if this is common as I'm just now getting symptoms and this is my first pregnancy!

  • yes. I tend to be cold anyway but I find during my first tri I am cold a lot more and need extra layers to keep warm.

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