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Thursday- UO?!

I actually have one today and I'm trying to be "back" so here goes nothing.

Our DCP is gone on vacation this week so we've been 'taking turns' with our parents to cover caring for DD during the day.  Yesterday I took the day off and saw that there was a baby/toddler time group at the library in the morning (I had to go there anyway to check out a couple books) so I decided to take Audrey.  She had a good time but man, those SAHM moms were clique-y.  I tried starting up conversations with the other moms, but I would be totally tuned out while they talked about their mom group events each day of the week and totally ignored their kids.  The only mom I ended up talking and interacting with was one that worked part time and usually was working on Wednesdays.  We had a pretty good time playing with our kids and talking.  I'm sure that not every group is like this, but wow, I was not impressed and won't be wasting my time doing that again.

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Re: Thursday- UO?!

  • I know what you mean. I'm a SAHM and I run in to the same problem a lot. There are no other SAHM's in my small neighborhood with kids the same age. The moms at library time are very tight with the other moms in their neighborhoods and their pre-existing mom friends. It can take a while to be welcomed in to some groups, so I hear ya. For what it's worth, not all groups are this way. But yes, I have run in to this type of situation more often than I'd like. It's makes you feel like you're back in high school, right?


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  • I hear ya.  I know enough of them / recognize them to chat a little but it's just not worth it.  I generally chat with grandma's or the other randoms. (I also work part time so when I show up to things it's sporadic at best ha).
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  • So good to have you back, we missed ya around here! And I want to see an updated picture of Audry on your siggy!

     Yeah, I agree with Toadstool, it's like being back in high school! All through 2011 and 3/4 of 2012 I was a full time SAHM, I started taking DS to story time when he was 2 months old regularly, to this day I still haven't been welcomed into their cliques. Now that I am in school full time I only take DS once in a blue moon, I'm not even worthy of a half a smile now!

    I became friendly with a mom that works part time right from the start, we were the two lonely kids that no one wanted to have lunch with. So we became inseparable, she is now a good friend and our littles get together often! 

  • The SAHDs are so much nicer and more friendly to talk to at our library than the SAHMs. I have lived in my area for almost a year and go to lots of baby/toddler things during the week. I still have yet to click with another mom. I want to find playdates for other days of the week but just can't get my foot in the door of these cliques. 
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  • The absolute worst part of being a SAHM is having to deal with other SAHMs. Ick. 

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