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First time I ever had heartburn 4yrs ago I seriously thought I was dying.... Since then I've had light heartburn once in a blue moon...
But last night I woke up with a bubble full of freaking lava in my chest!! I propped up some pillows and forced myself back to sleep....
What do you do for heartburn? Other than taking chalky tums...?
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Re: Heartburn!!

  • MrsWPMrsWP
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    Try drinking a big glass of cold milk.. the calcium in it will help.  
  • If it's so bad that Tums don't touch it, I take a 75 mg Zantac.  My OB said this was ok.

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  • Avoid spicy foods and citrus foods, they can make symptoms worse. Propping your head up to sleep is a good idea. Also, avoid eating a larger meal right before lying down. Tums are always first line treatment, and they have extra calcium so that's a plus. If that doesn't help, don't suffer through the pain. Acid reflux is damaging to your esophagus. Tell your OB you may even be able to talk to the phone nurse so they can prescribe something like Pepcid or Zantac. You can try overthecounter if you want to wait until your next appoitnment. You'll probably need to take the antacid everyday, not just when you have symptoms. It's goal is to prevent heartburn, not just stop it once it starts.
  • I had horrible heartburn with both my previous pregnancies, and this one is starting out just the same. I take 1 Zantac in the am and one before bed...otherwise I feel like I'm dying :)
    Very excited to be doing it all again...
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