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Morning sickness - my simple solution

This is baby # 2 for me and I have had the worst morning sickness since 4 weeks!!! SO I've been researching and found something that works for me... just thought I'd share for any of you who are experiencing this too.


First, (This is the hardest part since NOTHING sounds good and everything makes me queasy just to think about it.. best to try to plan at a moment your not feeling intensely queasy.) I plan regular meals for the day trying to make sure each meal consists of a carb and a protein.. for example - an egg salad sandwhich for breakfast, PB&J for lunch, Chicken alfredo for dinner - sometimes I throw in a snack too -just in case

Then, I make everything (I've been doing this before bed for the next day cause mornings are the worst).  And I split it into smaller portions (usually in fourths). This way for the rest of the day, the MOMENT I feel queasy I automatically have food at my disposal (I've learned that the longer I wait, the worse I feel) and I only eat a tiny portion but I can eat basically all day long and not really take in a TON of food.  

This has been working pretty well for me.. obviously I can't say that I don't ever feel queasy but it has definitely been keeping it at bay pretty well.


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