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OMG he's here!!

So I guess I'm a March mommy not an April mommy. I can hardly believe it, but yesterday afternoon at 2:07, our little guy shocked the hell out of DH I and made his appearance!
I swore for the last day or so, I was just having pelvic pain because the baby had dropped it was just my body not handling it well. Yesterday about 5am, though, it was impossible to get comfortable in a position where the pain wasn't as bad. 5:30 in the bathroom, I felt a pop thought it was just my mind playing tricks on me, and tried going back to bed. By 6, I was doing whatever I could to get comfy in bed, I was starting to feel strong cramps in my front got DH to call my Dr try to get my appointment moved up a day. By 8, I convinced him to take me to the hospital ER just to get checked, told I was just having BH contractions sent home. 8:30, I was admitted at 6cm dilated, and 2 hrs later, I was pushing!
So our little guy is still a little beat up from the forceps, and since he's 35 weeks, my hospital automatically puts him in NICU, but he's doing great!!
5lb 15oz, 19.5" long, lots of hair, still trying to figure out if he looks like a Connor or a Myles, and his parents are still in shock that he came a month early!! :
If you all can send a few prayers this way, DH I would appreciate it. I'll get sent home Fri, but they'll keep our little man a while longer as they keep running tests to make sure he's 100 healthy. It's gonna be really tough not taking him home with us, but we just want our baby to be healthy, not hurried!
Myles was so pumped about the baby . . . until he figured out he'd have to share all his toys!!!
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