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Head Scratches

My son has started scratching his head in his sleep - in the morning I find all these scratches in his hair & forehead. I don't know if his head itches or  if it something he does to soothe him back to self that he is than scratching his head while doing it. 

 Anyone else's LO does this? If it is head itching, what do I do to stop it?  

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Re: Head Scratches

  • DS started this around three months. He is four months now. I had to swaddle because of it. He does it really bad when he wakes crying. I mentioned it to pedi, he told me file his nails and really grease up hs head and face with aquaphor when I de swaddle so his hands just glide over. He said it was normal.
  • Does he have cradle cap? Use baby oil on his scalp and brush it away with a baby hair brush. Then bathe him. Make sure his nails are trimmed (I know that's way easier said than done though haha).

    I agree with the swaddling. It's the only thing I can do to stop DS from pulling out his binky when he goes to sleep. 

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  • My son does this as well. I'm not sure why, but he does have cradle cap, so I suspect it itches -- however, he only does it when he is sleepy or waking.

    I trim his nails daily, and we swaddle him.

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  • My first did this a lot.  He would scratch his face when he was tired, falling asleep and then more during his sleep.  He often looked as if a cat had attacked him.  We swaddled and used little mittens to help with it until he just naturally grew out of it.

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  • My LO does this too.  He is probably itchy from cradle cap or just dry skin from the cold weather.  You can try aquaphor before he goes to bed and cover his hands with socks.  We use socks on my LO's hands, they help keep his hands warm too.  I'm not sure why they don't just make sleep sacks with enclosed hands. 
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