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Cord Blood Banking

Is anyone planning on cord blood banking? 

Are you doing a private storage bank or are you donating to a public storage bank?  I know my hospital doesn't participate with a public cord blood bank to collect cord blood donations, and I was curious if I could still donate because of this.

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Re: Cord Blood Banking

  • I think we will do public but can't afford private... our hospital offers the public bank so I'm not sure what I would do if they didn't...


  • I'm going to do the private banking. Doing the cord and tissue through CBR.

    I wonder if you give them a call about how to donate it maybe you can set it up through them. 

    When I spoke to the guy about storing mine he basically said that they send me a kit. I take the kit with me in my hospital bag. Let the hospital know that I have it. After I give birth they put the samples in the kit. My hubby will then call a number and within a few hours they come and pick up the kit and take it to the lab where they prep it for storage.

    If you are donating maybe its a similar process? Show up with the kit. The hospital can pack it and then you call to get it picked up.

    Im not 100% sure but its worth calling about it if you want to donate. 

  • http://bloodcell.transplant.hrsa.gov/cord/options/donating/index.html

    Try this website. They have several links and helpful tips for donating cord blood. I started doing research on donation last night as we can't afford a private bank. (Sorry not clicky) 


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  • there are banks which are less expensive and dont charge a yearly fee.  MAZE is one of them.  here's their websitewww.mazecordbood.com 

    also they have a gift registry so friends and family can help ou pay for it.

    good luck

    joyce@mazelabs.com www.mazecordblood.com
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