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Pamper GTG Point Value?

I have looked at the history on this subject but wanted to see what the general feeling is...  I have read that points are valued at .03 and .04 points.  However, today I was told .02 and .10.  That's a big difference when you look at $2 versus $10 for trade on a hundred points. 

Any thoughs, opinions, general ruling?


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Re: Pamper GTG Point Value?

  • I'll post again and say I've done a few trades where its 10pts per $1 or 50 pts per $5 check when it comes to trading checks. I'm not totally sure on the value for cents. I've seen alot of rules so other opinions appreciated! 

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  • Oh and here is a link to where I've asked the same question in the past :) 


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  • http://community.thebump.com/cs/ks/forums/thread/49968135.aspx

    I realize it's an older post, and I had previously suggested .05 per point? 

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  • The post? It's from last month? I'd like to get other suggestions. I've traded my checks for 50 pts per 5 whenever I've traded checks for gtg. So that's pretty much what I'm expecting in return..

    I don't trade checks and gtg a ton so I wasn't 100 sure until I went back through email trades.
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  • Oh sorry didn't realize you posted your own link. Yeah that's pretty old post to go by. My post I sent was just from last month with two replies.
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  • No one trades checks for gtg codes!?
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  • I generally do 10 points per dollar of coupon or check, but can be flexible to go higher if needed.  I find that the difference is that some people are trying to get equal value so they are looking at the actual value of the points, whereas some people are viewing the cost of getting the points, where you have to buy 1-2 packs of diapers to trade for 1 formula check. 
  • Thanks for your input. Just wondering.. I had 10 codes that I didn't know the values of so I asked OP to just submit the points and lmk how many codes she gets and how many pts she thinks is fair. To my surprise it was 460 points! Anyways, I should be expecting $45 in checks, but I was willing to compromise for $40. She offer $25 and I think that is a bit low..
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  • I understand.  In my defense, I stated that I had read the value to be .04 BEFORE any trade was made AND she posted she thought around .02.  I agreed based on the idea that the value was in this range and I thought I was being kind by offering MORE.  However, after I entered the codes and responded with the total value (which I very well could have lied about, had I intended to cheat anyone) I noted that I felt the value at HER noted .02 seemed low.  THAT is when I was told it was .10 per point.  I feel like I am unfairly being  made to feel like I did something wrong.  I did not.  I was willing to pay MORE than either of us had stated and exchange 5 $5 checks for the 460 points.  I do not feel the points are worth $46 as I definately will not get $45 worth of goods from their trade with Pampers. 

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  • Back when GTG had gift cards, a $10 BJ's gc was 1000 points.  So, 1 point = .01. So if you go by that rationale, 460 points = $4.60.  So, $25 in checks seems more than fair to me.  
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    Back when GTG had gift cards, a $10 BJ's gc was 1000 points.  So, 1 point = .01. So if you go by that rationale, 460 points = $4.60.  So, $25 in checks seems more than fair to me.  

    This is the most logical explanation to me!  :)

  • Well technically it is not 46 as checks are not equivalent to actual money. When I asked the same question a month ago I was told by two people 10 pts is 1. And since I've traded 5 in checks per 50 pts. Me sending 5 for 50 pts. So since those are the trades I've been doing that's what I thought was fair! Yes you could of lied to me and I would of believed you, but that just makes you a shady desperate person.

    I did say ive read the values were .02 at some point. But that wasn't set in stone as I've read a lot of different gtg pt values. and things seem to change every so often.

    Also if I had known there were 460pts I would of traded with a girl I normally trade stamps who would of given me well beyond 46 worth of actual money or double value in checks however you want to look at it.

    We have settled for 30 in checks which is fair imo, lesson learned.
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  • image seans_grl:
    Back when GTG had gift cards, a $10 BJ's gc was 1000 points.  So, 1 point = .01. So if you go by that rationale, 460 points = $4.60.  So, $25 in checks seems more than fair to me.  

    THANK YOU!!! 

    The rationale for .10 per point seems to mirror the cost/point value of a package of diapers.  However, that is not an accurate value because you also get DIAPERS when you pay that amount. 

    The Pampers GTG point exchange value is more reasonable.  However 450 GTG points gets you a single $5 coupon off Diapers.com, 400 GTG points get you a $10 collage from Shutterfly, 500 GTG points gets you a $10 off $35 P&G products. 

    I feel like I am being made to be this bad person who will no longer be traded with because of this shady situation.  I gave a trade amount, this was obviously acceptable enough for the points to be sent to me, and once I revealed the total number of points I was hit with the expectation of DOUBLE the value I had previously offered. 

    This makes me very upset. 

    Why do people trade 50 GTG points for a $5 check?  That is rediculous!  Maybe I am missing something, but that seems like a total loss.  I could trade that check for something that ACTUALLY equals $5.

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  • No ones making you out to be a bad person. I just would obviously expect 50 pts per 5 since that is what people expect of me and I give! I didn't know what you would be willing to offer and so I gave you the benefit of the doubt by saying I really don't know how many pts this is so just check and give me a reasonable offer. You said 25 checks..but going back and checking from my past trades I would have given 45 in checks so to me that didn't seem fair at all. So maybe Ive been cheated this whole time. Idk there are too many different opinions about code values and Ill probably not trade them anymore at all. But saying you could of lied and cheated me doesnt make the situation any better. Then the fact not only is that what I've traded and the link I sent you wasn't good enough it seems as though your the one not expecting to give a fair trade. So don't go saying I want more now that I know how many pts it is, no I just want a fair trade and I would want what I trade to others!

    I will pm you my address for what we agreed to and be done with it.
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  • And no you really can't trade a 5 check for something that actually equals 5. As stated we usually do double checks for gift cards, actuals or anything that isn't a coupon or rare.
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  • I am an honest person and have traded around 30 times or more and have only once had an unhappy trade before (was sent two checks (out of four) which expired the day before I got them... ).  I do not appreciate being hit with a different expectation after the fact.  This is clearly an example of a bad trade in which neither party is satisfied.   *** EDIT: I HAVE ALWAYS TRADED FOR EQUAL VALUE.  I have traded for starbucks, sonic, checks, coupons, shutterfly book, etc. 

    Here is the history of the situation for anyone who has now read this and questions the validity of either side and/or has made judgements which may affect future trades. 

    • YOU: "I have codes from size 4 box of cruisers. 120 ct."
    • ME: "I am honestly not sure how many points that adds up to...lol  Someone on thebump some time ago posted the value of points and I believe it was like .05 per point. So, around 100 for $5? If that is crazy let me know... "
    • YOU: "Not really sure I've read its .02 per point. I also have ten codes from someone else I just don't know the values because I don't know if they came from wipes/diapers etc. I can just send you all the codes I have and you lmk how many you were able to get and how many checks you'd be willing to send?"
    • ME: "Ok. It is 460 points. At .02 per point, that comes out to $9.20. I would happily trade you two $5 checks if you feel that is fair? Seems a little low to me though. "
    • YOU: "Wow that's alot of points, yeah that doesn't seem right. Looking back at a past trade and a few others it looks like its 10 pts per $1 = 50 pts per $5."
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  • Thanks for posting that! So everyone can see how no one was SURE about the values and we were trying to go based off what WEVE READ IN THE PAST. And I was clearly wrong the first time because 460 pts at .02 per pt is way low of a trade!

    So again, that is why I checked through my recent trades and realized I've actually been told AND given 50 pts per check. So yes I would of expected the same trades that I give. Don't see how that isn't understandable. I'm not asking for anything ridiculous. In addition to the first poster who says she asks 50 pts and sometimes even more per check as well as the two posters in the link I sent you, that apparently none of that matters to you goes to show people trade 10 pts per 1. Formula checks are not real money and are free to everyone no matter how you acquired them. The companies SEND them for free. Therefore 1 in formula check is never equivalent to 1 usd.

    I cannot pm from my phone so I'll send my address to you later.
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  • Btw, I got those ten codes by giving another trader 10- 5 off coupons. I don't try to get over on trades. She gave me the codes I sent her the coupons not even knowing how many pts it equaled.
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  • Ok.  So I understand completely what you are trying to say, however your logic is flawed.  Although the checks are in fact free, so is the majority of the stuff on thebump swap.  Checks, coupons, samples, certificates, freebie codes, AND GTG points are ALL free.  The value is not in what they cost to aquire, but in what they provide the user.  For instance, a $5 Similac check gets you $5 off a can of formula, a $2 off coupon for Pampers gets you $2 off a package of diapers, and 450 GTG points gets you a $5 coupon, which in turn gets you $5 off at Diapers.com.

    Furthermore, my argument is not so much with the public view of the GTG point value, but more with what seemed to be an agreed range of .02-.05, which AFTER the trade became an issue.

    I am done with this argument.  We both feel as though we are getting royally screwed and honestly it seems that the feedback is pretty divided (two various threads and posts on this one). 

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  • I'm not arguing with you either. And once again I never agreed to your .05 offer ..clearly if I said make me an offer. Otherwise I would of just said sure .05 is fine here are the codes. No I said because I'm not even sure how many pts this is then check and make me an offer. Not that I would of agreed or disagreed which sucks since you can't retract gtg points. But I assumed it would be a fair offer, wrong. There was one opinion on this post in your favor and of course you choose to run with it because it's in your favor. I trade 50 pts per 1 if that's not fair to you ..sorry. I've done many trades that way and never had any issues. Agree to disagree :
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  • I was told gtg was .02 per point & huggies .04 per point . Thats a bummer, now I feel like I got taken advantage of. People were asking like 200 points per $5 check... SO, how much are gtg really worth then?
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  • image ttag0511:
    There was one opinion on this post in your favor and of course you choose to run with it because it's in your favor.

    ???  I am confused.  Two people agreed with me (now three).  One with you. 

    We both posted threads regarding the value.  With only two posts on yours & one on mine, I feel this subject is evenly divided. 

    You asked me to make a fair offer, and based on what I sugested to begin with, I was offering over what I felt was fair out of what I thought was kindness.  I am sorry it was not what you felt was appropriate and I feel terrible that I took something from you which I could not repay as you wished. 

    I really do feel bad about all of this, but I can't accept your value after the fact. 

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  • image mamapico:
    I was told gtg was .02 per point & huggies .04 per point . Thats a bummer, now I feel like I got taken advantage of. People were asking like 200 points per $5 check... SO, how much are gtg really worth then?

    I have now been told by numerous people that it is one of two extremes depending on what the actual traders feel is fair.  One side is .10 per point and the other is .02-.04 per point.  I was offering .05 and thought that was fair.  I am completely comfortable trading a $5 check for 100 points.  That seems reasonable for both sides.  (But then, I guess we all know my views...lol)

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