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Store brand formula

Alright you EFFs out there. What's the deal with these store brands? B is on Similac Advance. Are the store brand versions the same? I did a quick look down the ingredients and it looked almost almost the same, but half the cost. What's the deal? Why so much less? I want to switch but I'm scared that there is something fake in it to make it so much cheaper...

Re: Store brand formula

  • I heard they are the same or they wouldn't be approved to be sold. So in reality you are paying for a label.
    I tried a store brand...cvs. My dd seemed miserable and gassy so I went right back to name brand. I'm afraid to try again. But it seems to work for many others. I wish I could save the extra money.
  • We used Costco brand with DS, but it constipated DD. We are currently using Target brand with her. I have also heard good things about Walmart brand. It wouldn't hurt to give it a try. I'd just mix the brands first then slowly phase out the one you want to get rid of.
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  • we did the costco brand and she was fine, its a GREAT deal and the label even indicated the ingredients were the exact same.....



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  • We tried the Sam's version of similac advance but it seemed to not set well with G.  I'm thinking about trying the Target brand so I'm interested to see what others have to say.  
  • In order to be sold as "comparable to said brand" it has to be nutritionally the same, so same amounts of key nutrients not exactly the same, Reagan was on Similac advanced, we tried to switch her to walmart brand but it made her constipated, then we went back to similac and gradually over a week and half switched her to target brand since it was so much cheaper and she is doing great on it, she is actually having much better BMs on it than she was on similac, she spits up a little bit more but I imagine that will go away as when we first started similac after breast feeding she spit up!
  • I tried target brand enfamil gentlease. DS acted like it tasted terrible. He wouldn't drink it.
  • target brand rocks!  the blue one is the same as similac advance and i think better!  my girl is less gassy on it - we switched her over very early and had no problems
  • We started the Target brand version of Similac Sensitive, about two weeks ago with no problems.  Last couple of days we tried the Walmart brand, just bc we were nearer to that store - DS seemed a bit more gassy.  So now we are back on Target brand :)


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  • We started K on sim advance. No good. Switched to enfamil did awesome. Phased in target infant premium and no problems! Regular bms

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  • We've always been a Similac sensitive family for both then switched DD to Kirkland brand at 7 months she did fine... I think I'm keeping P on Similac till around the same age then I'll switch to real reason just what I'm planning
  • L is on the Target brand of similac sensitive and doing well.

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  • Our pedi told us that they are essentially the same until you get up to the hypoallergenic ones. He uses Target brand with both of his children.

    I think any time you switch formulas it isn't going to sit well with LO's tummy for a while. We supplement with Similac because I've usually got $10 off in coupons for it so it ends up being cheaper than the generic stuff anyway.


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