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Any other head bangers?

J has started banging his head into things, smacking his face on things, or throwing his body into the back of the couch.  I talked to the pedi about it and she said it's normal and to ignore the behavior if he's on the couch and redirect him to the couch if he's banging where he can hurt himself.   It's so tough to ignore the behavior when he slams his face into something and then comes bawling for hugs and kisses.  How do you tell your crying baby that you can't kiss the boo boo because he did it to himself on purpose.

The pedi says the new baby didn't cause the behavior but will probably cause it to continue for awhile.   Any other LO's banging into things for attention?  How are you handling it?  If it's stopped, how long did it last?  As always TIA ladies!  You take such good care of me Smile


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Re: Any other head bangers?

  • Yep, but not super hard.  He does it to be funny.  We just say "ow, that must hurt, let's not bang our head on the window" and then re-direct.  We tried to not make it a big deal and it pretty much stopped.
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  • Well, I have been known to say, "Aw, well mommy isn't allowed to give kisses to booboos that aren't accidents."  This was during a similar phase where he was throwing a tantrum and slapping the ground so hard he would hurt his hands. It stopped after only a few days.We mostly ignored.
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  • ::raises hand::

    OMG it drives me nuts. Mostly because he's shaken his car seat loose slamming his head side to side and our couch is microfiber so he ends up full of static electricity from throwing his head back onto the couch. lol He hasn't hurt himself doing it just yet, but I know the time is coming.

    He does it because its fun - like jumping or spinning in circles. Its just a new/weird feeling that they're exploring.


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  • DS slams his head back into the couch & will also come up to me & head butt my leg. He doesn't do it to the point of hurting himself or crying, though. He does it & laughs. Oh, he does do it in his booster seat sometimes & then he hits his head on the back of the chair. That one hurts, lol.

    I just tell him to stop & not do it. I figured it's a phase, so I'm not putting too much energy into it. If it were more extreme, I guess I'd put more effort into re-directing, though.

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