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last day of work!!

today is my last day of work and I told them this morning when I came in! I just found out last night I am having a c-section next week and today would be the final day!

I am soooooo excited :) Sorry just wanted to share! Cant wait to prep for my little lady!! 


Re: last day of work!!

  • Yay!  Enjoy your last day!
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  • I can't wait for my last day.. it feels like it will not ever get here but maybe I will be surprised like you. Enjoy your last few days of calm before the storm! :)

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  • Woo-hoo! My last day was this past Friday and I remember how excited I was. Of course, now, there's a part of me wishing I'd worked one more week because sitting around the house can get boring...but it's nice to have the option to relax and not have to worry about possibly going into labor while in the middle of something that can't be interrupted. Also, I was getting increasingly uncomfortable and stressed out at work which is not good for me or baby. I still have the discomfort, but if I'm going to be uncomfortable, I'd rather it be at home where I can lie down for a nap or do anything want to get comfortable!

    So excited for you about meeting your little girl! I know how nice it must be to finally have a deadline in place. My doc just said to me yesterday that they would look at possibly inducing me next Thursday or Friday if my little man doesn't come along by then, so it's nice to have a definitive end in sight! Good luck with everything!

  • Today is my last day too! Yay us!
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  • My last day will NEVER get here, I'm sure of it. Everything is just so irritating to me lately but I'm working right up to March 22nd so that I have a paycheck right up until baby arrives. 

    Really hoping he comes closer to the 20th instead of the 28th so that my mom gets more time to visit before going back to Scotland, but there's no rushing this little one along I already know. He'll take after his father and that side of the family and be late I'm sure. 

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  • I understand the feeling, I am 37 weeks and 5 days,so ready to be out of work.I work in a daycare and normally have no problem with the children,but lately i'm so uncofortable and the children get on my nerves so easily i have to constantly remind myself to stay calm.I told my boss for the next week just put me on call and just use me only when you need me.(Which feels like everday i get a call)I think i'm gonna let this be my last week.Little ones due on the 22nd but the doctore said tommorrow we would discuss inducing.Thank the lord.
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