3rd Trimester

Sick (not from pregnancy) during 3rd Tri?

Has anyone else been sick during their third trimester? 

Last Thursday I began having a sore throat, which progressively got worse even while taking Tylenol.  On Monday I called out of work and called the OB, who said to just call the family doctor. I did, and got in right away. She gave me a prescription and is keeping me home through tomorrow due to an Upper Bronchial infection; she wants to make sure it does not turn into pneumonia.  

I called the OB back to make sure that the baby would be ok, and got a snide comment from a nurse- "if your family doctor gave you the prescription, why wouldn't it be?" So needless to say, I am still worried.

Anyone ever receive similar advice or took alternative action? 



Re: Sick (not from pregnancy) during 3rd Tri?

  • My OB takes care of everything for me. She has never told me to call the family doctor. That wouldn't make me too happy. With my last pregnancy, I had three serious sinus infections and my OB handled it.
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  • I am getting over the worst sinus infection I've ever had.  Two of my co-workers (in an office of about 6 girls) who I have been in close contact with and even stayed in a hotel with last weekend came down with mono, and I was afraid I had gotten it. I called my OB office and was told to see my PCP or go to urgent care. I went to urgent care and got an Rx for an antibiotic (which thank GOODNESS is helping).  

    I was disappointed but not terribly upset that they didn't have me come in. It's my own fault that I didn't already have a PCP, and I can understand why they don't have time to see every pregnant lady with a non pregnancy-related issue. If I called to double check on my medication though, I would certainly not expect to be talked to that way.  You should make sure your doctor is aware of it the next time you see him/her. 

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  • I have had the flu since last night! It has been horrible. I am a rough sick person, would be the best way to describe it without gross details, and then also started with diarrhea. After 5 hours and it getting progressively worse I called the on call doc who acted like it was no big deal. I was worried about dehydration and all the cramping how it was affecting the baby. This is probably the worst thing I've had all pregnancy so I was worried, but I guess compared to the other calls the doc gets it was no big deal. I just wish she had better advice.
  • Personally, my family doctor (she was an OB when she first started but has been out of the loop for over 15 years due to a change of heart and specialization) would NEVER prescribe anything unless she talked it over with my OB. She researches everything and is very much against medication during pregnancy. 

    No every doctor is the same, and the fact that a nurse would make a comment like that would convince me to call again and ask for a doctor's opinion. She didn't even answer your question because she doesn't KNOW the answer. 

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  • I was very sick during my 1st tri. I had recurring bronchitis and sinus infections for about six weeks straight. My PCP put me on pregnancy-safe drugs (which I verified were safe through my OB's office).

    It's not unusual in my experience to be told to see your PCP if you're sick for non-pg reasons, but I always double-check any prescriptions my PCP writes with my OB. 

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  • Yup. For a month. Cold turned sinus infection then stomach flu. I go to my family doctor for illnesss and my OB for pregnancy. I trust my family doctor's advice.
  • I got a sinus infection a couple weeks ago. My OB gave me a z pack and I was fine. 

  • I was diagnosed with flu strain A during my second trimester. I have never been so sick in my life, I missed a week of work. The most important thing was to stay hydrated, which was more challenging than I thought it would be. Make sure to load up on gatorade and popsicles! I also ended up taking some antibiotics when severe symptoms persisted after 4 days. I am feeling great now and the baby is just fine. You can always talk to your OB about your concerns at your next visit and avoid having to go through the snotty nurse again. 

    Hope you feel better soon! 

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