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How to teach a baby to nap

My daughter is not 8 months and refuses to nap in her crib. If she falls asleep nursing or being rocked the minute my husband or I place her down she is up and screaming. I have left her for 30-45 minutes and all she does is scream. If we go for a walk or in the car she is out within 10 minutes. I was hoping for any tips or advice that I can use to teach my daughter to nap. At night she is great though...thank you!

Re: How to teach a baby to nap

  • Maybe she notices temperature difference. Gets cold when put down? You can try putting a heating pad in her bed and remove before laying her down. I have a friend who puts a blanket between them and their baby when hold/feeding before bed and just puts them down on the already warm blanket. Good luck!
  • Getting a baby to nap in a crib is tough and it usually takes a few days of consistently doing the exact same thing and she will get the hang of it. I really believe that if you are consistent, whatever you try will work.

    If you pick her up when she cries or only make her stay in her crib sometimes, then she will be confused and will never be able to nap in the crib. At 8 months old, tears are inevitable when you try to get them to do something they don't want to do but be strong and consistent and it will work.

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  • yeah, my LO crys for naps in crib to but he is usually out after 15 minutes of crying. It is rough, I want to go in and help but if I do, it just makes it worse - I just remind myself - if I give it 15 minutes - it will all be over and he will get a good nap. But consistency is key! 
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  • We got our daughter to nap in her crib by convincing her that her crib was a safe place to sleep, and that we would always respond if she needed anything. It was time consuming, but for two weeks, every single day I would nurse her to sleep, then lay her down in her crib. She would wake up, and I would just hang out with her. Give her a stuffed animal to snuggle with, hold hands, sing to her... if she got really worked up I would pick her up, nurse her, and start the process all over again. It definitely worked though. Now she usually naps in her crib for about an hour in a row.
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