3rd Trimester

Seriously, my son moves in my belly like he has somewhere to go

As if he has somewhere else to be lol.  WHAT is he and all other babies in the womb doing?

I know they stretch, suck their thumbs etc. but seriously I wonder if he's dancing at times or simply just bored and occupying himself. Do babies just randomly move around for no reason? 

*Not complaining, I love every minute of it. I'm just curious as to why they move so much...what exactly theyre doing. 

Re: Seriously, my son moves in my belly like he has somewhere to go

  • Yes, it's all involuntary movements
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  • My little guy seemed like he literally almost sat up twice. I thought back on all of those Alien movies and almost screamed... not in pain, just didn't look right. I yelled "Please stop, you're scaring mommy" lol. My stomach raised about 4-5 inches in a single spot.

    As a serious answer though, they are probably trying to stretch as much as they can, must suck being in an enclosed space like that. 

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  • This subject title made me LOL!! Our baby girl is the same way, it makes me wonder if she is trying to get away from something I ate! Lol it's so cute though! 
  • LOL it is cute!  I just wish I could see what he is doing exactly.. 
  • They're pushing off our uterine walls to strengthen muscles, practicing movements/breathing, and just exploring their first experiences with their new sense of touch. It can definitely be uncomfortable at times for us but it's great for them!
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  • Mine does the same thing! When my husband and I are in the car and he turns up the music, it seems like he knows the beat because every kick I feel is, well on the beat. Makes me laugh to know he's going to be musically inclined just like me :)
  • I tell my son to head for the light, not to try and burrow out of my belly button...
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  • I had a bowl balanced on my stomach the other night while having my snack, and Junior let me know he didn't like that at all.  It was pretty funny to watch that bowl rocking and rolling, lol.

    I told DH we're going to have to look into martial arts classes, given how much the LO likes to kick.

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  • image GeekyGirl79:
    I tell my son to head for the light, not to try and burrow out of my belly button...


    He's usually on my right side, and sometimes I can feel what seems to be a leg pushing out under my belly button. I joke that he's making a run for it, but it really scares me sometimes to see that few inches of my belly are up for what seems like a minute! It's only a few seconds, but I hope to get that on film! I'd show him later on that this is what he was doing inside Mama's womb ;) 

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  • I think our LO is doing a major remodel. There are times I dont even know he is in there then others I think he is adding on a rumpus room.. LOL
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  • Last night I wanted my cousin to see what it looks like when the baby moves around like crazy so I YouTube'd "Im sexy and I know it" and held my phone to my belly and sure enough it looked like little man was dancing right along to it! haha
  • I don't know about you ladies... but I'm pretty sure my son is break dancing. Or doing some mixed martial arts thing.

    I can feel when he rolls over. And I can feel when he kicks. Lately he's been doing both at the same exact time.

    And music! Oh boy does he love anything with a strong / upbeat rhythm to it. I'm anxious to see how he will react to the same songs once he's born. 22 more days. Can't wait.

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  • Lol my son is the same just moves so much i am curious in what his doing ?! But is very cute and love that his active
  • I got an ultrasound at the ER when I was 11 weeks & couldn't feel the baby yet, but he was doing the worm and dancing on his head! I'm not lying, lol. Now I'm about to be 31 weeks & his feet are in my ribs so bad! Sometimes if I pull up my shirt, you can see my whole stomach move & my belly button slowly move in and out, hahaha.
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