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Do you want to make it to your due date?

I feel like I'm alone in wanting to be full term and make it to 40 weeks, anyone else out there?

My Dr. was actually apologizing to me today at my appointment because I'm really not showing any signs of impending labor! It just seems silly to me. I've been lucky enough to have a very good pregnancy, I don't feel horrible or anything, and I want my baby to stay in there as long as possible so she's as healthy & strong as she can be when she's born. I just don't get the rush.

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Re: Do you want to make it to your due date?

  • Yup, i would be quite happy with an on time baby, give or take a couple of days!
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  • Raises hand! Oddly enough I think we are a rare and different breed. I feel like a lot of people get their heads wrapped around the 37 week thing and forget that a typical pregnancy DOES span 40 weeks. I think people's comfort level and impatience are the issue. I am getting induced at 40 weeks, and only because ive had complications, and also only because I advocated to wait til then! Baby's come when they are ready! No need to rush them because of swollen feet, hemorrhoids or whatever else is ailing us! Mobile smile.
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  • My doctor is not letting me go past my due date.  I really dont want to be induced.  So I would rather go a few days early without being induced. 

  • Half of me says yes, the other half says no. 

    Yes because:
    -The longer he is in there, the less I have to worry about out here in our current situation.
    -Better for him to get as much out of this as possible.
    - Maybe he may even be late and born on April Fools.
    -Hopefully it won't snow anymore.

    No because:
    -If he is here, the sooner we can start the new chapter of our life.
    -My body and mind are saying enough.
    -There are some birthdays at the end of the month which I kinda want to try and avoid.
    -Want to see what my first born looks like, everyone is pestering me about what ifs.

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  • Ugh just typed out a big reply to this and my phone ate it!!

    In short, yup, I'm there with you! We seem to be a rare breed! 40 weeks is a typical pregnancy.
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  • Lol guess it didnt eat my response!
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  • I agree, I'd like to make it to my due date.  I hate being pregnant, but I don't want to rush things.  But it's also scary that I'll be a new mom sometime within the next few weeks.




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  • I've been one of those hoping that LO will come right on time (EDD)! But now that I'm 39 weeks and have absolutely no progress, my OB had the induction/c-section talk with me today. I REALLY don't want to do either. So I'm really hoping that she decides to come soon!
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  • image Stacey209:

    My doctor is not letting me go past my due date.  I really dont want to be induced.  So I would rather go a few days early without being induced. 

    Unless you have some medical complications, you should fight this. The cutoff is 42 weeks - you can go to 41.5 weeks before they HAVE to induce you. Anything before then is just a preference. I would NOT let anyone induce me at exactly 40 weeks if there was not an underlying issue (GD, pre-e, etc) that required it.

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  • I do. Aside from the obvious reasons healthy baby!, I am really hoping that my maternity leave extends into the warmer months. That might sound silly, but I so want to be able to enjoy the outdoors for at least a few weeks with my LO.
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  • I really wanted to and was actually disappointed when we found out our baby is breech and I need a scheduled c section at 39 weeks, 3 days. I'm still holding onto a glimmer of hope that he'll turn and have the ability to stay in longer, if that's the way it was meant to be.
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  • I wouldn't mind going to be EDD (19th) but I really think it would be neat to have a St. Patty's Day baby, so I wouldn't mind if she came on the 17th, either. ;)

    This is my 6th baby and I've never went past 38+3 so I'm not sure I'll make it that far, but if so... I'm totally fine with that. :)

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    Half of me says yes, the other half says no


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  • As uncomfortable as I am, I have no problem going to my due date. It might be that I've been off work for 7 weeks and feel completely ready for his arrival though. I plan to spend a few more days making freezer meals etc. but, after that, I feel like we're really ready for LO to arrive. BUT...I will be just fine if he doesn't come until his EDD. I'll do some resting and relaxing for the few weeks before then. Although I've been off work for all this time, I was still working from home (prepping, planning, marking etc. for my substitutes and then replacement teacher) up until two weeks ago. Since then I've been doing stuff around the house to get things in order. Perhaps another reason why I don't mind him coming closer to his due date is because I have two stepkids who live with us and keep us busy. Life is going to just get THAT much more crazy (but awesomely full!) once LO is on the outside! But I don't mind waiting for that to happen. lol
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  • I would not mind making it to my EDD at all.  Going past might be a different story lol.  I'm very surprised with the number of people on TB who get frustrated by lack of progress prior to 40 weeks and I agree with PP's mention of 37 weeks being in their mind as an "ok, lets get going, I'm at term".  I'd rather be "full term". 

    That being said, this being #2 means I'm not going to be able to sleep when the baby sleeps, I will be juggling more than just a nb, and I'm doubting it's going to be quite as easy as it was the first time around lol- so maybe that plays into my feelings of it being fine to wait this baby out :)

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  • Aside from having to answer annoying questions from everyone on a daily basis on if I've "popped yet" I'm totally fine going to 40 or 41 weeks. I'm not miserable, I've been pretty comfortable throughout. I just hate going to the store and being gawked at by strangers. There's a snow storm over the next 3 days here so even more reason to stay inside. Plus the whole idea of membrane stripping just sounds so painful to me. Yuck...
  • Im ok with waiting too. At my last appt, ds was very low but cervix closed up. My dr was surprised that I was ok with it and said most patients are wanting to deliver by then.
  • I got into this pregnancy knowing that carrying a baby full term meant 38 to 42 weeks (EDD give or take two weeks, although they will induce you before you get to 42, but you catch my drift.)

    So to see multiple posters here create new posts about how to provoke labor and speed things up at 36, 37 weeks makes me mad. You got into this knowing you'd have at least 40 weeks of possible discomfort, deal with it.

    I'd rather suffer through the night, have hip pain 24/7, nausea at every meal, prick my finger 4 times a day on top of following a diet, be unable to celebrate with friends and family and prepare myself for 4 to 5 more weeks of this if it means having a healthy baby that comes home to me, not stays in the NICU for weeks.

    So in short, I'm not selfless, but I'm also not selfish and I understand that baby comes when baby and body are ready. 

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  • i didn't want my baby to come early but was a little disappointed that I was showing no signs at my 39 week appt.  I posted about it yesterday.  I obviously want her to come when she is ready but mommy is ready. My due date is in 5 days so any day now would be great with me.  What added to me being a little disappointed about there being no signs is that she was measured to be 8lbs 3oz.  I know that this could be wrong and she could slow down with her weight gain but her size was my fear all along.  My dh's family has notoriously big babies.  All along they were estimating her to be an avg size (7lbs ish)  but she is already over 8 lbs and very happy in there. I am working until Fri which is also making things harder.

    I was "ready" for her to come once I hit the 36 weeks but did not want her to actually be born until this week.  

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  • I'm going to sound horrible here but no. I love being pregnant but between my hip and back pain I can't wait to have the baby. I don't sleep very well anymore because I wake up in excruciating pain in my hips.
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  • I am definitely not loving these last few weeks, but I would be very happy to not give birth early. I want my little guy to be 100% ready to come out and I want my body to be 100% ready to give birth. Also, I work in a school, so the later I give birth, the closer my maternity leave will take me to summer vacation. I would actually be happy being a little late (though I might change my mind about that in a few more weeks depending on discomfort levels).

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  • I actually had a bit of a disagreement with my doctor this week. She seemed liked she would have been happy to induce Monday and my edd isn't even until tomorrow. She said early next week is what she prefers for induction but we settled finally on 41 weeks if LO hasn't made her arrival. BTW all scans and NSTs have been perfect and I have had no complications. I just don't agree with interventions for non medical reasons. You do have the right to defer and from what I have read most first time moms will go into labor on their own by 41 weeks.
  • I was fine with going to my due date or beyond because I'm planning a natural birth and want nothing to do with any type of intervention. But I just found out baby is in the high 8s low 9s in weight so I'm feeling a bit more like I want him to come sooner rather than later so I can avoid the pressure that comes with the GUESS that I'll be a small woman delivering a big baby. So, now we're pulling out some of the tricks to see if we can't get him to come before I'm risked out of the birthing center. But I'll be 40 weeks Tuesday.
  • I am so sore this time around that there are times it's hard to even get up. I don't know what it is since I've actually been exercising this whole pg and am in much better shape. But I feel like I have too much to get done in the next couple weeks, so I need to make it to my c/s date.
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  • Today is my due date! But he's showing no signs of wanting out. I've had one of those dream pregnancies where everything is going perfectly. At my last OB appt I still had no sign of progression, and while I know in my head it doesn't mean anything, it still gives me anxiety. Every day that passes without him making an appearance is one day closer to an induction or c-section, something I'd desperately like to avoid.

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  • I'd like to make it to at least 39 weeks and it looks like I will since my check yesterday revealed no progress, dilation, etc.  Smile
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    My doctor is not letting me go past my due date.  I really dont want to be induced.  So I would rather go a few days early without being induced. 

    Unless you have some medical complications, you should fight this. The cutoff is 42 weeks - you can go to 41.5 weeks before they HAVE to induce you. Anything before then is just a preference. I would NOT let anyone induce me at exactly 40 weeks if there was not an underlying issue (GD, pre-e, etc) that required it.


    My Dr said the same about not wanting me to go past my due date. For this reason alone, I hope I go a little early. I have GD & this is what my Dr wants. I don't want to get in a fight with my Dr. but even with my GD (unless there are signs of him needing to come out) I really do not want to be induced. So if I go in labor on my own a few days prior, I would feel more comfortable. 

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  • Yep, I want to make it to my due date or at least very close. I did the first time around, too (DS was born at 40w3d). This time my pregnancy is a lot more physically uncomfortable than the last, but I still want to make sure baby is healthy and I'm more than a little nervous about having 2 kids under one roof. :)
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  • Thanks ladies, I feel better! I'm glad I'm not alone! I totally understand wanting to go into labor naturally and I definitely hope I can bring this LO into the world all natural like my first. And I know for some people that means wanting to go a little early to avoid interventions, I totally get that. But for someone who's having no complications and just thinking it's been long enough, I guess I just have a hard time understanding.

    So good luck to you all! I hope everyone makes it close to their due dates and has happy healthy babies and smooth deliveries :)

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  • How to answer, hmmmm.  I am at 36w3d now.  Celebrating the fact that I have made it this far this time -- previously my longest pg was 36w2d. 

    On the other hand, I've been having painful, irregular contrax since Saturday (more painful than the contrax I was having in mid-pg) and I'm getting frustrated with those.

    I have GD but the drs haven't discussed inducing me -- probably because I've never made it to term -- so I have no idea how that will figure in if this LO isn't born soon.

    I'm just ready for this LO to be born but have no intention of attempting things to encourage him to come before he's good and ready.

    FWIW, I have never had a LO spend any time in the NICU (not even my 35w6d'er) so the idea of not wanting LO to arrive before 39-40 weeks just to avoid NICU time is foreign to me.

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