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would you still work at 4 cm?

Just curious as to what you ladies would do.  I'm still feeling fine, not in active labor yet with noticeable contractions. Part of me wants to try to work a few more days but I also understand labor is very close!  Opinions please!
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Re: would you still work at 4 cm?

  • With my job- no.  I work with kids all day long and am constantly on my feet, up and down, etc.  If I had a desk job or some type of job where I was able to sit alot, sure. 
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  • If you're still physically comfortable and you're not experiencing any complications, then yes. Continue to be as active as you're used to for as long as you physically can and you might see even more cervical progress which doesn't hurt anything. Remember for every cm you dilate pre-labor, that's one less cm you have to dilate while in labor. ;)
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  • At my 37 week appointment last week, I was "3cm going on 4". I'm having contractions that are uncomfortable but nothing too painful. I'm still doing everything that I've done before including working. I am sitting a lot for my job but sometimes I am on my feet for an hour or so at a time. Unless I'm in active labor, I'll still work and clean and chase after my toddler. Just do what you're comfortable with!

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  • I agree with pp, if you aren't on your feet all day then perhaps.  I would of course talk to your doctor and see what he/she recommends.  Also, how close is your work from the hospital?
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  • I have a desk computer job and worked at 4cm no problem. The determiner for me was BH vs contractions and I was still only having BH so I kept going until the end to save as much time as possible for being with LO.

  • I think yous should go for it if you still feel okay working!  Good Luck to you!!!
  • I still chase my 3 year old, clean the house, do laundry, etc. I'm 4-5cm/95%. The doctor said "It could be tonight, or it could be two weeks - no way to tell." I'd keep working and save my PTO/FMLA for after the baby arrives.

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  • I've been at 5cm for 2 weeks.  I'm almost 100% effaced, baby has dropped. I'm still working, but from home. The doctor was concerned that I wouldn't make it the hour back to the hospital if active labor started at my office. 

    Good luck! 

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