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No Progress vent

I'm 38 weeks and 3 days and I have been 1cm and not thinned at all.  I'm super frustrated that I have not made any progress.  I'm going to start walking more hoping that will help me progress.  I am just so anxious to meet him.  I know my due date hasn't hit yet, but I would like to at least like to see that I am improving!  So frustrated!!!!

Re: No Progress vent

  • I'm due the same day as you and haven't had any progress since my 36 week appointment.  I'm 1 cm dilated, baby is at a -1 station and my cervix is soft and almost completely thinned.  I'm just trying to stay busy and patient.  It won't be long!!!
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  • I can relate. I'm only 37 weeks, but I was "maybe 1cm and thick" at my 36 week check and then today the doctor tried to cheer me up by saying I had progressed because now I was "at least 1cm, if not a little more, and still kinda thick". It was pretty depressing, especially since he admitted last week's 1cm was probably because it was my third and my cervix was being lazy more than any actual dilation. *sigh* I keep telling myself there is progress, but... still discouraging.
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  • Try not to let it bother you. It honestly means nothing as to when you will go into labor or how long your labor will be.

    I've had 5 kiddos and I am used to not having much progress prior to being in active labor. With 4/5 of them, I was only dilated to a 1 and had minimum effacement upon being admitted into L&D in labor. Yet, I've never went overdue (longest pregnancy 38wks 3dys) and my labors have ranged from 8hrs - 2.5hrs. I had the most progress pre-labor with my 3rd LO, and I was still only 2cm's and 75% effaced when my water broke with him.

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  • When I was 38w2d I was not effaced or dilated at all.  I lost my mucus plug the next day and then shortly went into labor. Don't worry, it will happen!
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  • My due date is tomorrow and I'm not dilated or effaced at all. Relax some. You've got time.
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    I went in at 38 weeks exactly to my dr. Appointment. I was not dilated, not effaced, and progress whatsoever. Two days later my water broke as I was getting put of bed and I delivered about three hours later via RCS. So you never know

  • My 38 week apt I was 0.5 cm, if that's even a thing. 4 days later I had my baby girl early on my own. I am a first time mom too so don't worry!!
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  • Go have sex : )

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  • She suggested yesterday to have lots of sex!  So we have I'm just hoping that something will happen soon!  She also told me to be really active.  So I'm trying to walk a lot!  Thanks for all of the encouragement!
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