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Cough/Cold medication?

Cough/cold medicaiton???

DD is 24 months and 29lbs. She is coughing SO bad. I am giving her Tylenol and Hylands natural cough syrup, Vicks, humidifier...... 

 I can't call the pedi b/c it is after hours. Have you ever given your toddler cough/cold medication??  

Re: Cough/Cold medication?

  • No because it's not indicated for anyone under 5 or 6...

    Warm water and lemon with honey could help. 

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  • I have the Hylands syrup in my cabinet but have never used it.  (DD is 25 months.)  Clover honey helps with coughing.  I put it in warm water with lemon and put a cute curly straw in her mug.  She loves it.  Soothes her throat nicely.


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  • Pedi ok'd Tussin cough and cold at 1/4 of the usual dose this weekend. However, LO has flu, strep, and double ear infection. I would def want the pedi to approve first.

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  • LO had a horrible cough where he was vomiting multiple times a day because he'd cough so hard. He went days without keeping any food down (due to the coughing fits) and was losing a pound a day. Nothing was stopping the cough. I tried honey, a humidifier, Vicks, warm lemon water, everything and anything and I started to panic when he started looking thin (he's already in the 15th% for weight naturally) and weak. I got desperate and researched dosages, then finally gave him Children's Robitussin and halved the lowest dose. He coughed less frequently and when he did, he didn't cough so hard he would vomit. I wished I had the balls to do it sooner.

    If you've tried absolutely everything and the cough is negatively impacting her health (and not just an inconvenience), then I'd try it.

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  • Zarbees as an all natural cough syrup, as well. Little Colds makes a honey lollipop. 
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