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Not Pushing During Labor

One of my PG walking buddies asked their MW if they had to push during labor or if the body would do the work for you (I relate this to bowel movements where you're not supposed to push). She was curious since she's ripped really bad with her 2 other kids and was trying to find more ways to avoid ripping this time. The MW said they don't neessarily encourage pushing and that the body will contract the baby out on it's own. Also, babies aren't ment to be rocketed out of the body. The hard part is keeping focused and not pushing when you're body is screaming at you to push.

I'm interested in trying this especially if it decreases the chances of tearing (on top of the perianum massage). Anybody else heard of this? Tried it? Gonna try it?



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Re: Not Pushing During Labor

  • hhhhhmmm, think I will ask my MW about this.
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  • I can't imagine not pushing when in labor only because it seemed my body was going to push whether I was consciously pushing or not.  I guess if someone gave you tactics to be able to get through laboring without pushing, that would be interesting, but it's hard to imagine after having gone through it.  I definitely had that "I HAVE to push!!!!!!!!!" feeling (and I had an epi so it wasn't as a result of pain, just lots and lots of pressure).
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  • Think of when you have a terrible stomach virus and have the worst diarrhea. You are folded over, in pain, pushing...whether you want to or not. That's what it's like. When your body wants to're pushing lol

    Maybe they mean pushing at random intervals rather than with your body?
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  • IDK ..  I had to push and I knew when I had to push ..  My MW kept telling me "the baby isnt going to fall out" ..  Also I had to be cut and then unfortunately ripped some more..   I dont think he would have come out without me pushing ...  at the same time, I dont think I could have resisted the urge to push when it was time .. Like I had no choice .. but still had to put the effort into it if that makes sense 
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  • I couldn't 'not' push. It was impossible. Like when you have to poop, your body is going to push whether or not you want to.  

  • Yep, like others said, there was no way to not push. You just feel the need to push, and you  have to do it. I did push at my own pace, vs. whenever a doctor told me to or whatever, but other than that? Yeah, no way to avoid it.
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  • My birthing class instructor said to just make sure you are pushing WITH your contractions. You're helping your body do what it needs to do. She did say you should do a inhale type breathing if you feel like you need to push before it's time.
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  • It is possible to give birth without pushing (some refer to it as "gentle birthing") although from personal experience, I'm positive I couldn't do it even if I tried. The urge to bear down and push has always been entirely too overwhelming for me to ignore.

    Contractions do naturally "squeeze" the baby from the birth canal and if you can resist the physical urge to push, your body will do the work for you.

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