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Seriously? Snowstorm in March?! (vent)

Hi all - 

Let me introduce myself first. I've basically been a lurker for my 3rd trimester,but have been on leave from work for over a week now (worked until 39w 1d and was due March 1) so I've spent even more time reading posts. Well, now I need to call out to all the other Marchers and vent a bit. There is a big ole' snowstorm headed for my neck of the woods and I'm terrified my guy is going to decide to make his appearance (despite the fact that I've had no change since last week - 2-3cm dilated but 90%effaced and we scheduled my induction for Sat.) in the middle of it. I'm trying not to stress but UGH it annoys me so. Seriously Mother Nature - snow in March?!

oh and i am a ftm.

Re: Seriously? Snowstorm in March?! (vent)

  • I'm in the same boat as you! I live in DC and my due date is Thursday. We said we might stay in a hotel to be close to the hospital. Hopefully it won't be as bad as they keep saying it will be.
  • I'm in Nebraska, if a person doesn't like the weather just give it 10 minutes and it'll change.  Our "winter" has been a joke and I'm fully expecting a blizzard around my due date, February and March here are some of our worst storms. yay winter!
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  • My birthday is on the 29th and LO's due date is on the 27th.  I usually have a little additional snow fall for my birthday in this area of the Appalachian mountains
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  • FTM here - I'm in MD, right outside of DC and at 38w I'm torn over the ?impending? snowstorm.  On the pro side, it gives me a reason other than "I'm tired" to call out of work.  On the con side, I would hate to go into labor during a snowstorm.  Thankfully we have a rugged 4-wheel drive vehicle and live extremely close to the hospital - as in less than 10 minutes away - and we already have 2 routes down in case there are traffic issues.  If I go into labor tonight or tomorrow I'm more concerned with the fact that my mom has a severe cold and sore throat and won't be able to see LO until she's been symptom free for a few days!
  • I live in Chicago and we are being hit hard.  I keep telling my little man to stay in there!  Our car is not good in the snow.  So, if I go into labor, we are taking a cab!  Luckily, we live really close to the hospital, but I'm still nervous. Chicago is really good at clearing the roads so, if he decides to come tomorrow then it should be fine!
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  • FTM as well, and I'm due tomorrow! I guess it's good news that I haven't seen any progression thus far, but that doesn't mean it can't happen overnight. Still not sure how much snow NY will get. But we're all main roads from the hospital, about 15 minutes away, so I'm not terribly concerned.
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  • I'm located in shen. Valley in va.. We're expected to get 810" and my midwife told me yesterday that it would be any day now even tho my due date isn't until the 21st. We're hoping she can hold out until the weekend! I'm definitely feeling the anxiety from trying to travel in a blizzard.. In labor! Lol hoping we don't have to go through it!
  • Same boat here in Colorado too :) Snow storm expected Fri-Sun (9-16") when I turn 39 weeks on Saturday. My sister just had surgery today, so she was hoping that I went earlier or on my due date so she can be there and give my mom a ride to the hospital. With this storm in the forecast, contractions since Friday night, plug falling out last night, I'm thinking someone wants to come early and be a snow bunny.



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  • We get snow until late April here, so we're kind of used to it, and we all have really good winter tires (and winter driving abilities), but it still worries me a little... Being due late march, in the event of a snow storm, which happens every end of march, I would have to:

    a) drive myself to the hospital (more or less an hour away, by highway, when the roads are at their absolute worst);

    b) call an ambulance and wait at least an hour for them to get here from the hospital and then an hour to get there;

    c) wait over an hour for SO to come home (if it's daytime) and then another hour to get there.

    I can't win! ;( 

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