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Support Bands?

For those of you still exercising/running...or any of you in you wear a support band?  I have cut out running because it is too uncomfortable and am sticking to low impact gym classes, yoga and long walks with the dog.  However, I have been having a lot of braxton hicks, to the point where walking the dog is too much/too uncomfortable, which really bums me out.  I am wondering if a support band would help at all.  Do any of you have recommendations for support bands that you use/like?  What are your experiences?

Re: Support Bands?

  • I swear by my band from Motherhood Maternity. I used to be in so much pain and discomfort from walking my dogs that I would be in tears by the time I got home.  Now, I use the band and walk one at a time and it really really helps. 
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    I love mine! I ordered it from Amazon for likes $15!  It has helped tremendously especially with my sciatic nerve pain! =)
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  • Yup, I love mine and find it tremendously helpful for my general comfort, for preventing lightning crotch, and for easing the stress on my umbilical hernia (a gift leftover from my last pg).

    I have the Gabrialla maternity support belt, medium support, from Amazon. It's like $30 and completely worth it in my opinion. I'm 5'6" and normally around 130ish, currently 155ish, and I wore a size medium during second tri and am now wearing a size large (yes, I bought a second larger one because the first helped so much until I grew too huge for it). It's pretty unnoticeable under clothes, too. 

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