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Finally feeling nervous

FTM with the jitters here....It took almost 9.5 months but the nerves have finally hit me.  I have 7 neices that I have had the pleasure of seeing grow up from newborns to teens and been involved with all of it through the years.  This entire pregnancy the basics of caring for a child hasn't worried me in the least, until now.  It hit me as I was laying on the couch the other night: this is our child, not someone else's who will leave with their parents at the end of the day.  All the experience in the world can still never prepare a person for their 1st child, it's an entirely new ballgame.

All of a sudden I have all these small questions that I know will answer themselves over time, questions that before didn't bother me.  Now it's things like "if she's sleeping, do I wake her for a feeding," the idea of breast feeding is starting to feel overwhelming even though I have wanted to all along.  It just amazes me that all along I fealt confident and now the jitters have hit, finally! This little life will be depending on me, and all of a sudden it makes my eyes want to bug out with nerves. Anyone else finally feeling the anxiety?

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Re: Finally feeling nervous

  • YES!!  DH and I have been talking about this - we can read all the books in the world and take all the classes available but once we walk into our home with our LO we will still be pretty much clueless!  My jitters are over the first few bathings, clipping her nails (yikes!), trying to make sure she doesn't get diaper rash, hoping she doesn't have super sensitive skin like me, hoping breastfeeding works, getting used to no sleep, will our dog take to LO or be jealous, making sure I don't over or under-dress her for bed, is my changing area stocked and organized enough, do I have enough clothes for the first few weeks (we didn't get a ton of newborn sized items), will I have time to make DH still feel important, will he feel a bond with LO right away, and on and on and on!

    And I'm starting to get nervous about labor.  I'm praying it happens in the middle of the night or over the weekend.  I have this insane fear of going into labor at work or on my way to or from work (I take the metro in DC every day - I DO NOT want to be the person that makes the train offload).

  • Don't worry about breastfeeding so much!  I think you read and hear the worst stories on the Bump.  It is very easy and natural for most people.  I personally feel that formula feeding is more anxiety inducing Smile  I have breastfed 3 and am really looking forward to doing again this last time.

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