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2 month old awake in moby xp from AP

xp from AP...My 2 month old seems uncomfortable awake in the moby.  She likes it for sleep but if she is in it awake she is wiggly/unsettled.  Her head moves constantly and she kicks her feet.  I've tried feet out and feet in.  TIA!!

Re: 2 month old awake in moby xp from AP

  • Same here! My 2month old loved taking naps in her moby, but would skwirm and cry when awake. I started putting her in the ergo baby instead and she loves it! She will nap in it for hours. Or be awake and look around the room. Ever since she hit 78 weeks the ergo baby works better for us.
  • I have the same problem. I use the Ergo when he's awake and the Moby for naps or when I can get by with only one free hand instead of two. The Moby is far more comfortable for me, so I can't wait for him to be able to hold his head up in the Moby!
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