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Supply issues - formula supplement question

Recently I haven't been able to produce as much milk as my DD needs. Luckily I used to have an over supply so I had a freezer stash of milk. But I've cut into that stash and realized that I'm going to have to supplement. So how does formula supplementing work? Should I mix formula with breast milk? Or, make one of her feedings entirely formula? And, what formula do you recommend? I briefly looked at the store and there are so many options.

Since I'm currently breastfeeding, we give her vitamin D drops - is this still necessary if I'm supplementing with formula? (This is more of a question for my pedi, but I'd like to know your thoughts until I can call tomorrow.)

I should add that I pump every day and usually we feed her expressed milk in bottles. Thanks!

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Re: Supply issues - formula supplement question

  • I'm having the same issue and just started supplementing 2 days ago. I'm only now getting about 810oz while pumping at work so I split them into 2 bottles and have my mom add 2oz formula. I tried giving her a full bottle of only formula and she refused it. I plan on adding a little more formula a little at a time to also see if she has any adverse reactions. I'm giving her the generic Gentlease at Target.
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  • We are in the same boat. I started adding formula a few weeks ago. I have a very hungry boy he takes about 36oz of expressed milk a day. I have started slowly adding a bit more formula every few days. Of 36oz we are now at 6 to 8oz formula. I mix it into his last two bottles
    We use similac sensitive. Tried Enfamil infant but he was too gassy

    i pump 5 to 6 times a day. And am down to 25 to 30oz a day.
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  • No idea on supplementing, but my pedi told me that as long as LO is getting at least 50% breast milk, he needs vit d drops. So if you're just adding in a bottle or two of formula, I would continue to do the drops. 


  • You can supplement a whole variety of ways. Id try to give LO a full bottle of formula rather than mixing bc if they dont eat it, it has to be tossed and there goes your breastmilk (formula cannot be reused like breastmilk). If you find that your DD is like mine and doesnt like formula, you could try mixing formula and breastmilk in the same bottle to transition DD onto formula and hopefully eventually she will accept a full bottle of formula....make sure you mix the formula before you add it to the breastmilk, dont add water and powdered formula to the breastmilk and then mix it up.

    Keep in mind that more formula is needed as the baby get older (unlike breastmilk where the same volume is given for the bulk of the baby's first year) so you may be giving 4 or 5 oz breastmilk bottles but gradually increasing the formula oz as the baby gets older.

    I have no preferred brand of formula. At the moment Im using Enfamil Gentlease because DD is gassy and has reflux so it seems like it would be the best. That, and I had samples of it and Im still using those.  


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