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Anyone taken it before?

my d&c was a week ago...Saturday I had bad clotting and cramping, but it stopped. Today it got worse, so they prescribed me methergine to try and make sure everything is out. I just took my first pill. Ive been having awful cramping in my lower back and ute already...not sure if I'm ready for these meds to kick in.

just hoping this clears everything out!!!  

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Re: Methergine?

  • Hope you feel better soon!
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  • I was in the hospital today for d&c but my body did the job while waiting to go to the o.r.  They gave me shot of methergine today stating it would help stop the bleeding.  I hope it does the trick for you and you get feeling better soon. 
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  • I took Methylergonovine...I think it's what you are referring to.  I took it for a clot after my d&c too.  I did feel cramping but my dr. gave me vicodine as well to help with the pain.  I'm typically not a pill popper but I have to say that I took the voicodine and all the pain and symptoms went away (well, not really but I couldn't feel a thing). I was on it for 48 hrs and took pills every 8 hrs.  Let me know if you have more questions about it.  Hang in there, you can handle this.   Just try to stay positive and time will pass. 
  • My doc prescribed methergine for 24 hours immediately following my D&C to help my uterus shrink back down and to control the bleeding.   It seemed to work.  I had some cramping post D&C, but I don't know how much was from the methergine and how much was from the procedure.
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