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Wall decals - are they a pain?

I really want this wall decal for the nursery. Do you think it is too busy? We are just doing a pink sheet on the crib mattress, no bumper or skirt so I thought maybe it would be ok. Are they hard to put up? Are they reusable? Thanks!
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Re: Wall decals - are they a pain?

  • I thought about using decal, but I read somewhere that they do not work well with textured walls. All of our walls are textured so I was afraid to try it out.
  • I got a set of Minnie Mouse decals to dress up the nursery since we didn't want to repaint (it's a neutral pale grey).  I had no problem putting them up and so far none have fallen down, though they've been up for about a week or 2.  The larger the decal the more hands you need to put it up - unfortunately the huge Minnie Mouse didn't make it onto the wall when DH was trying to put it up himself, it folded onto itself, got stuck and ripped.  All the smaller ones were easy though.  We don't have textured walls so I can't provide insight on that but my guess would be that if you do they probably won't work.
  • We have a 3`x3` winnie the pooh wall decal.  It is reasonably easy to install ( with patience).  Certainly not reusable.

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  • I had some pink and brown themed polka dots on my textured walls. They worked well. Had to make sure I rubbed them onto the wall real well, but it wasn't that much work. They were a breeze to take down as well and left no damage to the walls (we rented, so this was a major bonus!).

    Reusable is iffy. If you get a quality vinyl. My kids took them down eventually and I was able to put them back up until they lost interest and started coloring on them instead (*sigh*) When we moved I didn't take them with us, though, just tossed them.

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  • mab87mab87
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    We bought a growth chart decal and we ended up having to throw it away Crying I wanted to use it so bad but it would not stick to our walls. We have a medium to heavy orange peel texture on our walls and it just wouldn't stay. If you have a light orange peel texture then you should be fine. You do need a TON of patience!

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  • I dont have experience with using them but I just wanted to say that the one you picked out is super cute! I dont think its too busy at all for a nursery! 
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  • We're using an under the sea decal set that I found on etsy. All the stickers were super easy to apply.
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  • i love it! we put up a cherry blossom tree and its been sticking just fine. our walls are slightly textured. i advise that if the decal comes folded up, lay it flat with a few heavy objects on top for a few days so it doesnt curl after applying to the wall. oh, and before applying i made sure the wall was clean and as i applied each sticker i kind of rubbed over the decal with my palm to make sure it stuck well. 

  • I have wall decals on my office walls (tree and birds) and I love them. They were really easy to put up and are easy to take off if needed. I am not completely sure about reusable, as I haven't taken any off and tried to reuse them. The one you have picked is really cute!

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    I dont have experience with using them but I just wanted to say that the one you picked out is super cute! I dont think its too busy at all for a nursery! 

    Same here!

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  • Granted, DH did most of the work to put our decal up, because it involved standing on a ladder, but it didn't seem too ridiculous, just required a lot of patience (something DH has a lot more of these days than me).  Ours is also a tree with birds, owls, and monkeys, so the intricate design does require some care and time to put up.  Our walls are slightly textured and we didn't have any huge issues.  DH already had a little rubber tool to use to kind of rub the decal once it was up, from a fathead that he bought a few years ago.  For a couple of weeks after we put it up, some parts of the decal would kind of curl up just a little bit at the edge, so we just used that tool to smooth down the edges and it stopped happening eventually. 

    FYI, I ordered mine from a seller on Etsy who said she would replace any pieces that got messed up while we were trying to put it up.  We didn't end up having that happen, but it might be worth looking around if you're concerned. 

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  • Oh that is very similar to the wall decals we used for our daughters room. I didn't find them difficult to put up and they have stayed stuck to the wall great. They didn't leave a mark when I moved one to change position either. We did paint our room first and it said to wait at least three weeks before putting up, which we did. I say go for it, those are cute!
  • I just had a great experience with the "Truly Scrumptious" wall decals.  They are part of Heidi Klum's baby line at Babies R Us.  They were so easy to put up, and reposition.  Of course we'll see what happens in a few years when we have to take them down!  We got the dino wall decals but I think she has some girlier options too!
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  • We bought some decals on Amazon, and we love them.  They were super easy to put up.  The ones we got are matte, and they're thin enough to show the texture of the wall behind them, so a lot of people have thought they're painted on.  I say go for it!
  • I have a big Happi tree that is very similar to this one. I bought it on the roommates website. It was extremely easy to apply and comes off easily too in case you don't like it or want to change positions. I gotta say it looks BEAUTIFUL! 

    It makes her nursery for sure! 

  • image kellopes:

    I have a big Happi tree that is very similar to this one. I bought it on the roommates website. It was extremely easy to apply and comes off easily too in case you don't like it or want to change positions. I gotta say it looks BEAUTIFUL! 

    It makes her nursery for sure! 

    These are the decals we got too. Haven't put them up yet though. Glad to hear a good amount of ppl say they are easy! 

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  • We love wall decals! We have them in each of the kids room including the nursery- the nursery has classic pooh wall decals from Target and those have been up since we decorated the nursery for DS (so just over 3 years). None have fallen down and  hey still look great! I have Toy Story decals in DS' room and VERY similar decals to the ones you linked in DD's big girl room- all went up very easily and havent had any problems. I don't know about reusing them since we've never taken them down. 

    This is the theme we have in DD's room and it is ADORABLE! We have gotten tons of compliments and I love that it is girly but not over the top. We have pale blue walls, a green shag area rug that almost looks like grass and her crib bedding is a soft green and I made a crib skirt out of pink and white polka dot fabric. Love the pink and green colors together :-) ;

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  • Yup! They are a major pain! That being said, we've put up a bunch of them in the nurseryvand it looks great. Don't tackle it when you're tired, and have someone there for support because it takes patience and some of them rip easily, but the end result is fabulous! They are reusable fo the most part, but believe me, once they're on you won't want to reuse them...well, the small ones could be reused more easily, but certainly not the big ones. Good luck!

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  • We got a 6ft tree decal with a few birds and simple flowers from Amazon.  Each piece was numbered so you knew what went where and it was simple to put up.  Our walls are slightly textured and I've only had problems with one small branch staying up.  Idk about them being reusable, I only paid $3.50 for ours on clearance so I'm not going through the hassle of trying to save it if we move. Good luck!
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  • Decals generally are not too difficult to put up but it does depend on the material. There are two types of decals: printed and vinyl. Vinyl can be more difficult but it looks like the one you are using would be printed. Quality is really important though. The decals you get from major super stores don't last very long and usually have a clear lining around them that really unappealing. I suggest going to a site that specializes in wall decals. I work for and we have some similar things to what you are looking for but there are lots of really good website for decals. A google search of "wall decals" would be really beneficial I think. Good luck! 


    If you need anything I would be happy to help you!  

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