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xp: clotted artery in uc?

Posted in 3rd tri, but know not everyone checks over there ;)


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Re: xp: clotted artery in uc?

  • I don't have any experience, but I just wanted to say I'm sorry you're dealing with this! I'm glad that they caught it though, and that they'll be monitoring you closely until you deliver. Sending positive vibes.


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  • No experience here either, but sending prayers for you and baby!

    Did they mention if the clot was the bigger risk or is it because you're now down to a single umbilical artery? I know I've seen at least one, if not two, other mamas mention they only have a single umbilical artery and are having to do similar monitoring.

    Either way - hugs to you! Try not to stress (yeah right) and just do what you're told - it's a good thing they found this and know to keep an eye on things!

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