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I'm too sexy for my.... Hemorrhoid...

I am feeling super sexy today... not. I am totally rocking an awesome stye on my left eye, and I think I might have my first ever hemorrhoid.....

I must admit, though, that I'm glad I think it's "just" a hemorrhoid after freaking myself out twice this morning.... Slept all the way through the night, which never happens anymore, and then saw a small amount of blood when wiping, which I later established didn't seem to have come from the lady parts. So yeah, my body is being mean today apparently!

So, for those of you who have had a hemorrhoid before, what have you found works best to heal it?
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Re: I'm too sexy for my.... Hemorrhoid...

  • DH swears by Prep H.  I ued cold Witch Hazel on my dog when she had one.. it is also approved for human use.
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  • Does the Prep H actually help heal it? I don't have much discomfort at this point except when wiping.... The only reasons I think I have one was because of the blood and the fact that it feels like there's a bit of a bulge back there, maybe about a half a centimeter in size, if that much. Sorry if that's TMI, lol.
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  • imoanimoan
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    I've recently been experiencing the same issue.  I'm not in any pain or discomfort, but have had blood that initially freaked me out and then I realized it was coming from "a little further South" (lol)  Ahh... the joys of increased blood flow in pregnancy.
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  • I started to get one-I'm sure it's still there. It was uncomfortable and prep H seemed to only help with the discomfort. So I read that doing kegals as well as "pinching a penny" would help to strengthen that area. Since then I have not had any discomfort and it has not given me any other issues. Good luck! I have to agree on the non-sexy feelining. It is the one thing in my life that I have NOT shared with my husband LOL
  • Love the right said Fred reference. Made me smile.   

    I also agree with witch hazel for non-painful ones.  If its causing pain talk to your doc. They make prescription suppositories that are way less messy and work much quicker than Prep H. (But, I just feel icky with stuff in my bum). GL!

  • I discovered my first one yesterday.  I happened to have a doctor's appointment today so asked her about it.  The thing she stressed was trying to avoid constipation.  Plenty of fiber and taking a stool softener. 

    Mine isn't painful yet (thankfully).  I bought prep H and wipes with witch hazel.  On the package of the pre H it said that it helps shrink them (but don't know if I can trust the package). 

    Oh, and to agree with a PP, this is one thing I have not told DH about.  I feel un-sexy enough as it is.  He doesn't need to know about this lol.  I know some women think that their DH/SO should come to every appointment, but for this exact reason I'm really okay with mine not coming. 

    DH happened to see my slip of paper from the doctor with my weight on it and mentioned the large number on it.  I mumbled something about them taking my weight with my winter boots on. I also wanted to point out that I hadn't pooped in two days, but again, feeling un-sexy enough as it is. Some things can stay a mystery a little bit longer. Well at least until delivery day, then all mystery can go out the door.

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