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Team Green Turned Blue!!

Had a baby boy on February 27th at 2:52 pm.  His name is Henry Raymond and weighed 7 pounds and was 20 inches long.


Birth Story:  Went Recliner shopping at Lazy-boy and must have sat up and down in tons of chairs.   Got home and noticed a tiny leak ( barely wet a pad).  Phoned my MIL at 11 pm asking if this was my water.  She thought it wasn't asnot too much fluid.  10 minutes later water was coming out in waves.  Definatly didn't get a pop-gush like I thought would happen.  Loaded up our stuff and headed to the hospital.  They admitted me and we got started with the induction process as I was only 1 cm and not in labor at all.   Had a terrible time getting in my IV (5 attempts it took).  My DH ended up fainting while they put in the ivs as there was blood everywhere doing it.  Had crazy strong contractions but was stalled at 2-3 cm forever, and the babys heart rate kept declertating.  They told me my options were either an internal tube into me to surround the baby with fluids or a c-section.  Either option requires a epidural which I really didnt want.   The internal fluid thing worked, and a couple hours later I was 9 cm.  An hour later It was time to push.  Pushed for 2 and a half hours and then they vacummed him out.  

Had lots of troubles and anxiety while breastfeeding.  They had me stay an extra night at the hospital with lots of help fro the lactation consultants, but I ended up making the decison to formula feed.

My inlaws stayed a few nights and taught us lots, and now we are at home enjoying time with henry until DH goes back to work in a few weeks.



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Re: Team Green Turned Blue!!

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