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Out on Facebook

Finally came out to the Facebook world.  We found out we're having a girl on Wednesday so it seemed like a good time to let all of our extended friends know... Actually, our little guy made the announcement for us


My Little Guy - Baci


TTC #1 since 10/2010

1st SA 6/15/11: 29M, 56% motility, 1% morphology

Cycle 12 - 50mg Clomid+TI=BFP 7/12/11!! EDD 3/27/12 Ectopic Pregnancy 7/22/11 4w5d

Cycle 20 (FEB 2012) IUI#2: 50mg Clomid+Estrace+Ovidrel = c/p

8 more cycles, 2 more failed IUIs, 1 vow renewal and 1 broken arm later, we're moving on to IVF!
Cycle 28 Oct/Nov IVF - stims start 10/22 (225 Follistim; 75 menopur; add ganirelix) ER 11/2 7R/6M/6F, transferred 2 early blasts (non-graded) on day 5, 2 snowbabies, BFP!!! (6dp5dt) Beta #1(9dp5dt)) - 179 (please stick little one!) Beta #2 (12dp5dt) - 692

Our Sweet "P" due 7/26/2013

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**everyone welcome**

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