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Peapod groceries

Hey Ladies,
I was thinking about ordering groceries from peapod because I'm on bed rest and can't leave the house. Although my husband has been great through this, grocery shopping has never been his strong suit. Has anyone ordered from there? What was your experience ? Thanks!!

Re: Peapod groceries

  • Yes, they are great!  We used to order from them often when we lived in a tall high-rise in the city.  The delivery charge was something like $6.  But, you should also tip. 

    It's really easy to order online and they bring the grocery's into your kitchen.  We never had any issues with them.  I highly recommend them!

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  • I am so jealous that this exists.  It's definitely not available in my area.  The local grocery chain just started having a curbside pickup where you can "order" everything online, pull in a certain spot and they will run the groceries out to you.  They only do that at a couple locations, though.


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  • Perfect! Yes the delivery charge is very reasonable. And since I'd be a first time customer, they are doing free delivery for 60 days. Can't beat that. It works perfect with me being on bed rest. I didn't even think to tip, thank you for that advice. Preggo brain! What would u suggest? 10, 15, 20 percent?
  • We generally tipped about a dollar a bag.
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  • I've never used them, but I just saw an online ad somewhere for $20 off your first order. Maybe check their website or one of those coupon.coms?

  • I order from them every week, it's amazing. However, I will say, careful with produce. If possible, have DH go to the store to pick out produce separately. Also, there should be a section to put any special requests. Make sure you specify to package meat/poultry/seafood separate from everything else I once got leaking chopped meat in the same bag with grapes. For the most part a great service!

  • We used to order from Peapod a lot a few years back, before we had a car. I was most worried about the produce, but it was always really great. It does cost more than traditional shopping just because they don't have quite as many sales and you pay for delivery + tip, but it wasn't an astronomical amount, especially for the convenience factor.
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  • We started this a few weeks back, as grocery shopping has been a sore spot for DH and I. He hates wasting time on the weekends to do it, and we can't do it on the weeknights.

    I LOVE PEAPOD. Seriously. I love that DH and I can both check the list up until 6pm the night before, and we've actually saved a ton by making sure we don't shop for "extras" (which we used to do while we are in the store). We've been able to come under our grocery budget every week because we can see the total before we checkout. I've been doing it for about 7 weeks now, and haven't had any issues with produce or other items. We tip $5 for delivery, and it's been well, well worth it for our sanity. Our delivery guy comes between 7am and 9am on Saturday mornings, and it feels so good to have the fridge stocked before we even begin the weekend ;)

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  • I used it at my office and it was great.  The only issue I had was a couple times the expiration dates on some items were ridiculously close to being past and this annoyed me, but the company was good about refunding/replacing.  Also, make sure you check the box about whether substitutions can be made if they don't have a specific product in stock.  A few deliveries I had were missing things because I hadn't specifically allowed substitutions,

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