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Cat naps

Dd is 14 weeks and her nap schedule is up 1 or 2 hrs, take a 30 min nap. Is there anyway to get her on a 3 long nap a day schedule yet? Or is there anything I should do to help her get to that schedule eventually? She is EBF and wakes 12 times at night still

If I hold her she sometimes takes a long afternoon nap too

Re: Cat naps

  • My lo will be 6 months this week and still does cat naps. I think it's just her cycle for now.



  • lo is 4 months, 30 minute naps, tops. second one today was 15 minutes. :(

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  • Try keeping lo up longer in between? Thats what we did by consolidating the catnaps. Much better. We also fo the same naptime routine each time
  • Maybe your LO will just consolidate on their own. DS was doing 30 min max about four times a day and just this past week and a half started doing a two hour nap in morning and an hour in the afternoon. Sometimes I have to go in and soothe him back to sleep after the first 30 min though.
  • My DD is 5 months and will only cat nap. She does 15 - 30 minutes at at time. I actually gt 45 minutes yesterday and that was huge.
  • Yep, only cat naps here too.  We may get a 1-2 hour nap once every other week or so.  He averages 3-4 naps a day.  When it's only 30 min (or less) I don't get much done around the house.  I've also noticed that when he does sleep really good I'm constantly staring at the monitor bc I'm so used to the 30 min. naps I keep wondering when he's going to wake up and it destracts me from what I need to get done.  Good luck, hopefully all of our LO's will get in some good naps soon and quit the cat napping.


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  • image heather3879:
    My lo will be 6 months this week and still does cat naps. I think it's just her cycle for now.


    This! My LO just doesn't take long naps. She will cat nap all day. She used to have a schedule and now she is all over the place. (she is preemie so adjusted right now at 4 months) She all sorts of messed up on her sleep. Poor kiddo!

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